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Lost for a Spell

Fortuna’s Journal

Reaping 13, 594 CY
Dwarven mines

We continue to wander through these mines fighting the ant-scorpions. I am starting to worry—the bugs don’t look any different, but they seem to be getting stronger, or smarter, or more—poisonous. I’ve been hit by the stingers a few more times, and I found myself paralyzed! Worse, they seem to be casting darkness over themselves, making them much harder to hit. And, unless I’m imagining it, they are healing from their wounds during combat! We are resorting more and more to having Janet and Elizair cast spells to slay the monsters (my cousin hates to “waste” divine energy that could be used to heal us up). When we encounter the ant-scorpions, I am trying to tumble behind them as quickly as possible, coordinating with Munthrek, so that we can do so much damage to the creatures that they have no time to heal. As far as we know, the dead ones are getting back up….

Posted by Kristin on November 25, 2007, 11:02 | Fortuna’s Journal