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Loss of a Friend...

Elizair’s Journal

We have taken advantage of the momentary peace between attacks to examine what we believe to be the lowest level of this dungeon. In our exploration we did find one spot to try and relax and recoup a little.

The cleric and I found a corner and tried to rest near a pool of water that seemed safe while the others kept watch. One time we were alarmed by our comrades as the creatures came up the one shaft near us, but also from the pool of water behind us. The battle was short, but I believe it may have unnerved my friends a little. Eventually we did manage to get some rest and continued on our journey.

Eventually we found another group of dwarves, and again we were too late. These were miners and as it turns out the closest to the source of their demise. In hindsight, they may have been trying to collapse the enemy in, or caught in a cave in when releasing the creature.

The dwarves marked the entrance to a partially blocked passage to a creature that I still do not understand. The party had to fight its way through the small passage and into the lair of the creature. The battle was long and fierce, for while their numbers were small, they fought against us with an amazing will, one that drained much of my spells. Once in the room we witnessed the creature in its awe. In the far end of the room rising out of the water stood a thin creature with tentacles and eye stalks.

I can not explain the fear that gathered inside me or explain why I and my companion Fortuna were forced to flee. I can only tell you of the shame we feel upon returning to find Janet and Babble, and hear of how our friend Munthrek died valiantly trying to finish the creature off. All I can imagine is there must have been some force that drew him to attack the creature as Fortuna and I were forced to flee. Then again, maybe Munthrek with his keen battle senses had seen something that we did not. Either way he did lead a valiant attack against he creature, and despite his situation when entangled by the tentacles his only thoughts were to yell to Janet to flee for her life.

I have returned to the chamber now, against the wishes of my friends. I had to return and face the creature and let it know we are here. My friends and I are talking about how to kill this creature, for it is obvious that hand to hand will not be and option as it plays into its strengths. We may have to rest and regain spells before we attack again, I just fear that that decision may give the creature too much time.

The death of my friend weighs heavy on my mind. And for now, Babble is the one calming me. Yet I see the pain in his eyes also, and I feel his desire to get retribution for the many fallen dwarves also. After I have slain this creature and delivered what is left of my dear friend to hallowed grounds, I shall sit and drink a toast to him with my friends.

Posted by Jim on November 26, 2007, 19:14 | Elizair’s Journal