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November 7, 2003

Ray of Enfeeblement

Aramil's Journal

Well another day another spell. Today started out with an interruption by my companions, and they brought me up to speed on everything and I thought we should have gone right away. Dru decided to commune with her deity about it first and I thought it seemed like a good idea. She said it would ask for something, but we could refuse if we wanted to. Well, it asked for the Sword of Pelor and Fafnir, Pockets, and I refused. Ghelt got upset and Dru seemed confused. Now they are both angry at us for doing so. I got so tired of the arguing I said they can do what they want to the sword and I went back to my studies. I was able to get ray of enfeeblement done before the sun set.

Posted by Fred at 14:21 | Aramil’s Journal