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May 17, 2003

Fafnir's Journal Entry 21 - Another Day, Another Death

Fafnir's Journal

Most of us have lasted another day in the city of the dead. Sadly, Jonathan died attempting to protect the party against a demonic horror. The rest of us survived (barely), and are preparing to rest for the night.

Ghelt seems to have lost some intelligence in her confrontation with the beast as now she is only talking in slurred one-syllable words and is being even more unfriendly than usual. Drusilia says that she will be able to fix that in the morning, so for now I am just keeping my distance. (In case it is contagious!)

Earlier in the day, we discovered an interesting sealed door in the temple of Nerull. It was covered with glowing runes and had a carved indentation in it that looked like it would be for a key-item of some sort. (Could this lead to the heart of Nerull?)

Unfortunately it was also protected by a seal of Nerull that seems to drain the life of anyone who passes over it. We decided that we would deal with that later, as we currently don’t have the necessary item to open the door anyway.

Nothing else in the temple seemed to be of use, and we moved on to explore what appeared to be a barracks. That is where Jonathan met his unfortunate fate, and where we are resting now.

In other news, Korin has now decided to become a cleric. I am starting to feel really outnumbered by these “divine” spellcasters, and I hope that Drusilia is right about Valon catching up with us soon. I mean, sure, he is a bard, but at least he knows how to use real magic. Plus I am sure he will appreciate my illusions more than the others have — after all, bards always enjoy a good performance.

~=Fafnir Flamebrewer=~
Flocktime 11, 592 CY

Posted by Dave at 12:37 | Fafnir’s Journal

We Are All Out of Humans....

Korin's Journal


She is right. Yea I can do that.... Cool....

Korin asks Dru if he can have the sword back, I tell her that She said it is supposed to be alright this time.

She is right, no more scary pictures in my head. Something still wrong, Korin still want the Precious, I mean the axe, but I don’t know why. Jon lookin more ugly.

The group wants to go check out buildings “together,” like what’s up with that?

Old church, Trap says this is wrong. I try to tell the party, only to get yelled at again. We walk in and I tell the party that I think this is all wrong. The party goes and kills a thing near the altar, at least they tell me they did, I didn’t see it. Jon looking worse. Imagine your most worn sandal, catch it on fire, and slowly beat it out on sharp rocks. That would look nice compared to Jon.

Ghelt finds a set of steps, Jon wonders where they go, Ghelt says “down.” We go down. Party stops to look at a door. Korin tell them again this is not right. Korin go check behind us, so we don’t get trapped. You know a few flowers and this place would look.... ouch. Korin fight wing thing, and hears party coming to rescue me.

Korin kill skelly thing and start over to the party to save them, after all who will save me from the wingy thing if I don’t save them from the other one. They chase it off before I get there. He he, Jon look worse.

Party says we go check out the next building, I use to think I knew who was in charge, now they seem to follow the first one to speak up (except Korin). I vote for Faf, he has tried to kill me the least.

On the way to the next building, while I think of where to plant some taters, something is moving near the party. They say let’s form up in a circle, back to back. This is a command often called for, never works, but often called for. Monsters not coming out, Korin challenges them, even shows them the sideways Halfling smile. Monsters come, we kill them. Jon looks even... well let’s just say the undead look better. Ghelt make Korin cry.

.......Not blue....

We get to next building, again me and Trap agree that this is all wrong. Trap suggest we go in through the top. I tell party, they tell me to go ahead. I climb up quietly, surprise is on my side, ‘cause the human is louder than a couple mad cows running through a carnival. I get inside, something is coming at me, I swing the sword. Bad idea. It runs, I chase and kill it. Korin loves boots. Room is a mess, Ghelt looks hurt. They say Jon is dead, don’t need to look, it was a long time coming. I stay with Ghelt keep her safe until morning. I forgive her. She needs lots of help, Faf gives me some bracers, I like Faf.

At times like this I can only wonder... where does the white go when the snow melts?

Posted by Jim at 19:31 | Korin’s Journal