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March 2, 2003

...And One Day, at a Kobold Camp...

Korin's Journal

...Of barrels and stew...

If you ever visit a Kobold village, bring salt. They are very polite people and fun to talk to, but their food leaves a little to be desired. The stew was best of all.

“I never saw a Red Dragon.” I list this with the stupidest things ever to come from my mouth. Soon as these words came out of my mouth, one appeared. Even Ghelt began running (I thought she was scared of nothing). Well thankfully it went away. Ghelt asked me to help her find the mule that ran off.

Tumble...turn....spin. Oh sure it sounds fun. And it was, for about an hour.

They even taught me some of their language. First word that they wanted to teach me was ‘food.’

I haven’t had a chance to tell her yet, but those two are insane.

Oh, they have a shortcut for us. Those Kobolds sure are nice. They even traded me for a nice shield. So, Trap just got in and went. Well, he is not going to have all the fun, me next. In the barrel I went. I hear Trap giggling in the distance.

First it was the stew, then some dry rations. You know that they tasted better going in. Finally the drop. Now, I have fallen before in my life I tell ya, but wow. It must have lasted for two whole minutes. It was worth the whole day of spinning and puking. (Never eat stew before getting in a barrel.)

Landings stink. I suggest if you ever fall a long way, don’t land.

I DIDN’T SAY IT!! Before I said the dragon thing, but I didn’t say a word about never seeing an Owlbear before. While Ghelt attacked it from the front, I attacked from the back. Another bad decision. I want to start this all over.

Did I tell you I have a crowbar?

Jacob says ‘Yak’ means food. Did you know how hard it is to tell one Kobold from another?

Posted by Jim at 10:40 | Korin’s Journal