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November 27, 2006

How quickly things change

Flin's Journal

As my senses returned I looked around and found my comrades chained to the wall. We seemed to be in a room otherwise alone. The only light was a soft glow from Seren; the party looked desperate. As I got up to go help I realized that for some reason I too was chained to the wall. Seeing this as unacceptable I recovered a small blade I kept in my hair and began changing the situation.

Knowing we needed a lookout I asked Totem to go and keep a look out under the door. After some arguing he actually climbed out of my hair and went over and did it. I don’t know who was surprised more, Seren for seeing a mouse climb out of my hair, or me for Totem deciding to help out a little.

I quickly got myself free and began working on Roywyn’s chains. It seemed to the three of us that were conscious that Soveliss needed some attention soon. As soon as she had one free hand she gave a spell to her bat to give to our Dragon friend. It took some time to get her last manacle off but I did and moved over to help Soveliss next, for he was the only one who was able to fight these creatures. It was too late, Totem saw torch light coming and hid.

Roywyn and I pretended to still be chained when two undead creatures entered the room with a mage. He rambled about something, I was not actually paying attention. What seemed more important was that Roywyn had gotten it into her mind to perform some incredible act of bravery/stupidity to save us. All I remember saying to her is ‘No’.

The undead followed a command to take Seren to some sacrifice, I pleaded with them to take me instead, to no avail. I too wanted to attack them and save her, but knew the foolishness of that attack. Soon as they left I freed my Dragon friend and we set out to find Seren. We did find another room with some humans chained up and I was trying to free them when we heard Seren scream.

We ran off to save her. Somewhere I got stunned by their accursed powers. I found myself being dragged down a hall, again. We did find a room, of storage type, which we where able to block the door and prepare for defending it. This became easier when I found our gear in a corner. Seren found a secret door and we escaped upwards to find a room full of relaxing rogues. I was the first to the top of the steps. It seemed a little over a dozen humans stood up and drew weapons to attack me. Seeing the circumstances I whispered behind me the situation. Seren began to glow behind me and when added to the song of doom that Roywyn set an eerie scene. As the first humans began to come at me I introduced them to “My Dragon”. Soveliss’s appearance was right on time.

The battle was violent but short and most of our foes ran from the battle. We then escaped through a portal to a shopping square in Waterdeep.

Posted by Jim at 15:05 | Flin’s Journal