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November 4, 2006

Keep thinking Flin...

Flin's Journal

Where to start, oh yea … when we found the zombie things … wait no, the ally. The group of us went to the dock ward to wait for bad guys. I think there was meant to be a plan, yet in hindsight there was none.

We found a junction that seemed dark enough to have some mischief, yet close enough to people to get some passers by. We all hid, and I don’t think I know where half of them were, yup that is the team work we have. After a while a drunk human came down our little road, this was just what we wanted. Quietly three shadows came out of no where and as I saw it, some Hin where earning a living.

Sadly, as they pulled daggers to convince the man that he did not really want his coins, my comrades decided to play ambush the ambush and started shooting the rouges. I did not join in until something odd happened, the rumors I heard were true... wererats. Two of the Halflings changed from in front of us, then proceeded to attack my friends. I attacked the one that had not changed and heard my little voice. See I have an inner voice, it can be a big help, but usually only points out obvious blunders. Right then the voice was saying ‘Flin you are not a fighter.’

The rouge I battled was no fighter either, but we gave it our best shot to make it look good. About that time a couple green hands reached out from the darkness of the alley and grabbed the human. The wererats turned and ran, rumors are not true, they are scared of some things.

We all took off into the ally to give chase; we found to zombie or ghoul or some-things taking the human. The dragon-thing attacked the one and told me to get the other, the other had the human and was running away with him. I gave chase down some more alleys then to a sewer grate. Strange, I would have thought the wererats controlled them, but now I know they fear these creatures.

About this time the flying light girl, I really need to learn their names, flew down next to me and we without talking agreed to go after the human. Down the grate we went. After some distance we came to where the path divided, left and right. We talked it over and decided to go opposite ways and come back if we find anything. She pulled a statue out and summoned her bird to travel with me. I like that bird, maybe she will give it to me.

Well, as I traveled off by myself, I did my best to calm Totem’s nerves, and to block out the inner voice. ‘Flin don’t go alone’. Well, I did have the voice, Totem and the bird, how could I be alone? I followed the path for some distance then one of the creatures jumped out from nowhere and attacked me. ‘Flin you are not a fighter.’ To late it was attacking me. I took the chance to fight it, and even used some of my tricks. Moments later the creature was on top of me and paralyzed me. Off the bird flew— great, it is a bird of cowardice.

The creature grabbed my body and dragged me back to his lair, and then I got the pleasure of watching and feeling everything as it began to eat me. ‘Flin, you are not a fighter’ was the only help I could find. I asked Totem for help, but he said he was trapped in my backpack. Typical. What is the use of having a friend that does his best to not exist?

As I began to think I was to watch my own bitter end my friends came to the rescue. They killed the creature and healed me enough to get me moving. I really need to learn their names. ‘Flin, they can fight, why don’t you let them fight next time?’

It was then we heard cries from down one of the passages out of the room we where in. After seeing the creatures hunger first hand I was eager to help. We went down the next tunnel, three of us where okay, the dragon guy had to crawl. Come to think of it, the zombies had to crawl too. Very strange, but then again, I don’t know much about them.

We came to another room when my voice said ‘Stay in the tunnel’ and I agreed. I let the rest of the group pass me. There were some humans chained up, very odd. One of them seemed dead but like it was on some cue or something it began to raise up and attack. The dragon guy got the chains loose on the three living humans. One human ran down a random tunnel, another went the way we told him to go and the last followed us after we killed the zombie. Zombies zero, us three.

We went back up the tunnels only to find the room I was dinner in was now in use again. Some zombies where eating the one human that ran the way we told him to go. I dowsed them with oil from light girl’s pack and was going to light them when she turned them with her holy symbol. Behind us we could hear the rest of our group being chased by more zombies. We helped them out of the tunnels and we began to run. Well... they began to run, I had some revenge on my mind. I borrowed two more bottles of oil from light girl and got ready.

‘Flin, you are not a fighter,’ shut up stupid voice, I have them trapped. I smashed the oil in the tunnel the creatures where coming from I waited until some of them were in the oil and I lit an arrow and shot it into the oil. Poof the flames lit up my foe. Revenge is sweet. ‘Flin you are not a fighter.’

I watched several burning zombies try to back out of the fire, I helped them by shooting arrows down the tunnel at them. It was the least I could do. It was too fun when I heard some noises behind me. ‘You forgot the two that the cleric chased away.’

I nocked another arrow, lit it and shot one of them catching him on fire, then pulled my sword. ‘Flin, you are not a fighter,’ if I could dig this voice out of my head with a rusty spoon right now I swear I would do it. How tough could it be, one is on fire and the other will be alone against me? As the one attacked me and the other put its flames out I realized I could be in trouble.

The creatures attacked and paralyzed me for a moment, a moment they continued to slash me with their claws with. ‘Flin you are not a fighter’ Hmmm... the voice might be right on this one. The second I regained movement I pulled a feather from my cloak and held it between the two offenders. Their dead eyes seemed to notice this was not a normal attack, this made this so much better. The corner of my lips curled as I gave the command word and a great tree grew forth between my foes. In less than the blink of a Beholder’s eye the tree pushed them against the walls of the room and through. I was unable to avoid some damage too, but it was truly a sight to see. Moments later my friends returned having noticed that I had not followed. I can only imagine the sight, they entered the 20’ by 20’ room to find a great tree had grown fully sideways and was sticking out each side of the room. Lots of debris was on the floor and two feet sticking out from under the tree trunk. And to boot, I was laughing as loud as I could. My voice was right, I just had to learn how to listen.

After a long speech from the Gnome who I believe is named Roywyn or Wynny, they helped me out from under the tree and we headed up to town and to a cleric. I believe also that I am becoming more comfortable around them. The two days in quarantine made that easier. Soveliss is the dragon guy, provider of my ale and food, and some sort of thief too. Light girl is named Seren and she is funny. She did not like being held hostage by the clerics. Me, I had a blast. I had food and got to sleep all I wanted. Then when the clerics would come in to check on us I would create soap in my mouth and pretend I was turning into a monster. The first two times the clerics pulled holy symbols and tried to turn me. It seems their sense of humor was very short lived.

Eventually we were let go and offered some work from the city, who seemed happy we found out what their problem was, yet they did not want to pay us for what we did. No, they wanted to pay us for what they want us to do. We can get some in advance for equipment, so we got some stuff. And then we all agreed to have one night of rest before we went back into the sewers.

I suggested we go the Three Pearl place we saw earlier. Maybe my key has something to do with it? I know I need some ale to try to forget this day for sure.

Posted by Jim at 09:37 | Flin’s Journal