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October 21, 2006

Rushing to nowhere

Flin's Journal

This is an odd lot I have fallen into, and yet I wonder more and more every hour why I am with them. Well there is the free food and ale, but I keep thinking there should be something else. I will just have to hang out with them until they get interesting, or I figure out more about these wizards. I will find the one and kill him, as sure as a Dwarf’s beard smells like ale.

Well, we got to have some fun on the docks. I did get to find the Halfling I was looking for, and he did trade the rock for a pouch. I am not sure it was the thing I was looking for, and I am not sure my Hin friend even cared. On the bright side, we are going to go down to the docks tonight and try to watch the humans disappear. I just am not sure if we are supposed to stop it from happening, or if we are just watching to figure it out. Seems they are in a rush to get somewhere, anywhere, and it would make them happy for some strange danger to be there. Now if we could just figure out where the where is.

After this night, I have to go find this local guild, pay my dues and maybe I can find this opening to death my new companions feel they must find. Oh, did I mention the food here is great? And the big guy likes to buy me food.

Posted by Jim at 12:07 | Flin’s Journal