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May 10, 2006

House Rules

~PC Creation & House Rules~

This campaign will be strictly Forgotten Realms (no spells, feats, deities, Prestige classes, etc. from other “worlds”), and with only races found in that setting. All characters will be based on “3.5” rules.

Characters can be made with 32 points using the Point Buy method. Everyone starts at 3rd level in Waterdeep. Multiclass and favored class rules are in effect.

There will be no more than 5 PCs at any time. We’ve tried playing with more in the past and it decreases the enjoyment for the DM and players.

Character sheets will be in PCGen format (give your changes to Kristin so she can add them to the DM’s roster) or the sheets here: https://rpgs.wererat.net/pcs/ so that the DM has access to them as needed.

In addition to experience points for game play and attendance, Hugh is also basing experience awards on timely-written journal entries, bios and other things character-related that help evolve the game world and make it easier for him to spend what time he has working on the campaign. A good background will lend itself to plot hooks for the characters.

Players unable to attend a session must make arrangements with Hugh to run your character for that session. A missed session will usually yield 75% experience.

No character or inventory item, etc. is in play unless it has been approved by the DM. This includes characters that have gone up a level since the last time Hugh has okayed a character sheet. Things discussed between characters that effect game play do not happen if the DM is not made aware of them.

Main books/sources used for character creation
PHB 3.5
DMG 3.5
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
All 3/3.5 Forgotten Realms Campaign Accessories
Complete Arcane/Adventurer/Divine/Warrior
Races of Stone/Wild/Destiny

Materials from other WotC 3.5 books may be used on a case-by-case basis.
Some Dragon Magazine articles, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Character Death & New Characters

Character deaths happen, and resurrection isn’t always an option. If a character dies heroically, the player may create a new character at the level the old character would have been at had they been resurrected, with the addition of that session’s experience points. Characters coming into the game in this fashion have to make sense for the story line.

The new character’s starting funds are half of what is shown in the DM Guide on table 5-1. All magic items must be approved by the DM.

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Monster Roster

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps

Undermountain, Yawning Portal Entrance
30 goblins
1 gauth (avoided)
1 gelatinous cube (avoided)
1 manticore
1 undead ogre
1 wight
16 crawling claws
4 dire rats
1 wererat (charmed)

North of Waterdeep
5 worg
5 goblins
6 skeletons
1 level 3 necromancer
1 gargoyle

North of Redlarch
5 ghouls
1 werewolf (wolf form)

1 level 4 rogue

North of Triboar
6 goblins
1 ogre

North of Longsaddle
1 juvenile white dragon
9 orcs
Sanura’s doppelganger

Kryptgarden Forest
8 wolves
20 forest kith
12 drow

Mysterious Courtyard/Tower
4 vampire rose bushes
6 archer bushes

1 living iron statue
4 or 5 ice mephits
1 large fire elemental
a whole lot of skeletons

4 zombies

Waterdeep, Dock Ward
3 wererats
4 ghasts
1 osqiup
2 fihyrs
1 human necromancer/surgeon
11 humans
2 blood hulks
‘Mr. Skin’

    Creature Types:
  • aberration
  • animal and beast
  • construct
  • dragon
  • elemental
  • fey
  • giant
  • humanoid
  • magical beast
  • monstrous humanoid
  • ooze
  • outsider
  • plant
  • undead
  • vermin


Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps

Undermountain, Yawning Portal Entrance
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Eleioni
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Kanelyth
214 gp
1 moonstone

Full plate and “duck” helm, cursed, Eleioni
+1 Greatsword, Eleioni

Ring of Protection +1, Flic
Silver Circlet of Charisma +2, Flic
Wand of Magic Missiles, Flic

Bronze Pendant, Eleioni
4 orange “healing” potions
Boots of Elvenkind

Wand of Levitation, Flic
Rod of Wonder, Sanura

North of Waterdeep
Wand of Lightning
Bracers +1 of Necromancy
Arcane spellbook
Amulet of Moander

North of Longsaddle
34 gold pieces
2 Moonstones (50 gp each)
+1 Keen Battleaxe

Kryptgarden Forest
16 masterwork nets
1 drow spellbook, Roywyn

Mysterious Courtyard/Tower
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Fire Resistance, Seren
3 red-tipped arrows, evocation magic, Seren
+1 Fortunate Dagger, Seren
Ring of Protection +2, Roywyn

Silver key with three pearls, Flin

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....