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Flin’s Bio

Flin’s Journal ~PC Bios~

My name is Flin, do not forget it.

I am a man of few words, so listen to what I say for it will not be repeated. The place I call home is the Chondalwood. It is a place most sentient creatures would avoid for it is filled with death and danger. In this place I was raised by my Hin family, I call them my family even though I have no blood tie to any of them. If you ever cross one of them, I will hunt you to the day you die.

My job, well lets just say I work with a team that removes threats from our homeland. Sometimes threats can be redirected, sometimes pushed back, and sometimes …. they must be removed. It was on one of these such occasions that led me to where I am today. I would tell you how long it has been, but in this infernal place there is not time. Instead I will tell you of the events that lead to me being trapped in this void.

One day a scout returned to us with a sighting of red clothed wizards and a band of warriors near our home. As usual, the first thing we did was to trick the elves into getting red of the threat, but the wizards proved too powerful. A messenger was sent to find some of the wild druids, but the events happened to quick for us to wait for their intervention.

The red wizards seemed guided by some device that lead them directly towards our home, and an assault was ordered. Unlike the elves, we understand the ability to fight a slow battle. First we waited in thickly covered area, as the intruders passed we broke from the underbrush and cut down the fighters in one quick attack, then retreated to the shadows. This made the wizards pause, but soon they gathered the nerve to continue, only after creating a huge creature to protect them first. I still do not know what this beast was, but it had to go next. Sadly it took two of my Hin brothers with it.

This made the wizards think about how they would protect themselves in this place, but once again they gained their courage. They tried to continue only to find a note pinned to a tree explaining that we have been very gentle this far, and if they did not leave now, they would be killed. In truth they where only a stones throw from our home. It appears this really made them angry, they began burning everything with great fireballs. We could not let this continue, our party attacked. What happened next is a fever pitched battle that was to horrible to describe with any accuracy. Six wizards versus our party of nine (One had left to find the druids), two wizards dropped quickly as did five or my brothers.

Seems these wizards are willing to drop fireballs on themselves, they are beyond reason. I will not describe the next few minutes of blood and screams, I will just say I found myself face to face with two wizards. We where all that survived, and it was a miracle even to call us alive at that point.

I launched what I knew would be my final attack when a druid attacked from behind my foe. Again, the violence and speed of this part is indescribable. At the end, I found myself laying on the body of one of the red figures, my blade deeply imbedded and having done its duty. I was nearly unconscious, but I did see the druid fall with my Hin brother that had brought him. The last standing wizard was badly beaten but still standing, he looked at me with a look of disgust. Then he walked over to me and knelt down to my side to look in my eyes. He then rubbed the top of my head and said he would let me live to know that he would return with ten fold his original party. He told me to tell the others to stay out of his way when he returned.

Then he opened a great portal and walked through. I took a potion of healing and followed him through. My plan was to find some shadows to hide in and kill this man when I the chance. But only after finding out what brought him to my home. There was a strange feeling as I passed through the portal, and now I am here. In this lost place of nothing.

Flin and Totem, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Flin [Halfling Rogue/Sorcerer]
Companion sheet: Totem [Mouse Familiar of Flin]

Posted by Jim on September 27, 2006, 12:02 | Flin’s Journal | ~PC Bios~