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Tempus teaches me again

Kor’tac’s Journal

I have found myself a chance to go after that werewolf that attacked me before and some strange new traveling companions. On the first part, I have not found the wolf yet, but I am on its trail. On the second part, I can only say that Tempus is teaching me again, and now it is patience. I will have to keep my eyes on these little friends if I am going to keep them alive. I have already found their fighting skills greatly lacking, they must have some other skill that kept them alive this long. Maybe I should start teaching them some combat basics, if I can.

This group offered to join me in my effort to kill this wolf, so far we have had two small fights. They are battered and brused and may need to return to town for now. I got some work to do to clean my armour while they heal. The one that talks a lot, he is funny. One has wings, makes me think of the bird lady that I could not save though. And then there is BoBo or RoRo or something like that.

Posted by Jim on July 26, 2006, 23:27 | Kor’tac’s Journal