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The cleric is no more

Kor’tac’s Journal

We traveled north towards a tribe of barbarians. Our patron had business with them. On the way, the guy in pajamas got killed by the cleric with a fireball from that friggin wand, I too almost died from it. The party travelled on and met the tribe. After one day of trade we started out for North Waterdeep. When we where surrounded by barbarians from the tribe we just left, they claimed we stole something. Our patron killed them with a fireball and told the cleric to kill us. Before we could understand what was going on, she unleashed an attack on the fighter who looked weak. Bird lady and I tried to stop her, it was then we realized she was going to try to kill us too. Through great shame I must say, I could not save any of them. The cleric changed her form before she died, to some strange beast I have never seen. Whatever it was it fought well.

I grabbed the bodies of my two fighter friends and as much loot as I could pack on the horses quickly and headed back to the one town with a cleric to try to get them raised. Neither was able to be brought back. I have healed up and rested a bit, and had some success in selling some of the loot. Strangely, I feel drawn to the road, not as much to my home anymore, but to the road with friends. There is something to it that I can not describe. I still wish to find my home some day, but I am not in a rush right now. As for our former patron, I will get my revenge on him soon enough, and the gold he owes me. I just don’t know how far north that North Waterdeep is from here.

Posted by Jim on July 18, 2006, 09:56 | Kor’tac’s Journal