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I guess we could be a team after all

Shoshiro’s Journal

We seem to be making some progress as a team. It was unfortunate with the loss of Flic, but those of us who remain are getting to be quite effective as a team. I have found myself able to use my abilities to aid the others with theirs as well. This was well illustrated when I used my scouting skills to give up the positions of the skeletons so they could be dispatched with ease.

We seemed to have added another member to our little groups as well and he is of course an oddity to be added to this group of oddities. He is an orc, full-blooded, and yet he seems to be relatively good. He was an aid to me while we tracked down and killed the necromancer who led the attack against us. As we advanced on him the necromancer was using a spell to become invisible. It was too bad for him that he did not have ability to use the invisablity to his avantage. The lighting bolt he cast hurt us both but gave his position away. So I did my best to show him the proper way to use invisablity as I thrust my sword into his heart. So he will be more effective at it…. in his next life.

But I am starting to feel that we belong together. I have found someone that I want to protect. And I will protect her with my life. However as we progress as a team, I worry that what we are protecting is the wrong thing. I worry that this man has evil intentions and will use us to do evil. If this is the case, then he will find himself a lot closer with my blade.

Posted by Bryon on June 26, 2006, 01:02 | Shoshiro’s Journal