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A Fool’s Death

Shoshiro’s Journal

This week was a little strange for me. We have begun the journey to take this man whose intentions are unclear to me to the north. We have found the journey thus far like any other time with us as a group difficult. I personally have found a reason to be here, a woman in the body of a goddess. I will protect Kanelyth with my life. However this was not the greatest day for us. We were attacked by a group of goblins riding wargs. They were worthy opponents and we may not have defeated them. However a giant monster appeared out of nowhere and began to kill everything in sight. It needed to be drawn off and I knew that I was the only one to do this and survive and this fact was unfortunately proven to me later.

I began to lead it away from the group. I was going to get it far enough away and then disappear. I got away from it just in time to see that little owl attack it. The monster seemed to be just an animal and its death seemed to serve no greater good. I don’t know why the owl attacked, but its resulting death was karmic. I could understand the sorcerer being upset and wanting to avenge his pet, but I had to try my best to keep him alive. However in this I failed. The beast also killed him as well. His death was nothing more than a waste and if he was responsible for the owl attacking than it was deserved as well. Ultimately he was a fool and got the fool’s death, which he deserved.

Posted by Bryon on June 21, 2006, 09:21 | Shoshiro’s Journal