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Deitricha’s Journal

My comrades and I talked over how best to get the rescued silver tiger statue back to its proper owners over a good meal and several mugs of ale. It felt good to be alive! When we realized that it would take over twenty days to get back to Silverymoon, and then several more to get to the Red Tiger tribe, with who knows what searching for us, it seemed a good idea to ask about a quicker method. Luckily, we were able to pay for a teleport right to the Red Tiger tribe…

Which landed us right in the middle of a large encampment of human barbarians, who were unpleasantly surprised by our sudden appearance! Thank Tymora, they recognized Areon and put their weapons away, leading us to their chief, Garth. Areon told them how he’d fulfilled the quest he left the tribe to accomplish, and handed over the statue. They were very pleased! Then, Theona gave Garth the copy, explaining what the artisans had been doing with the statue after it was stolen. The chief was disturbed by that, but glad to be forewarned. He then offered Areon a boon on behalf of the whole tribe.

By now, Tyan and Glitch were hungry and thirsty (like we hadn’t just teleported out of a town?), so the tribe set out to have a big feast and celebration. I listened to Tyan chatting up everyone while he eyed the girls; he found out that the denizens of the Moonwood have been raiding more often lately, but I don’t think any girls caught his eye. I’m not sure where Glitch was, either, now that I think of it…

We took the time to tell Ebin about the ruined tombs in the Anauroch Desert, and how the Red Wizards seemed to be interested in the same place. He was interested in finding out how much treasure and magic was left in those tombs, too, so I guess we’ll all stick together a while longer. I don’t know what else they talked about, because Theona suddenly grabbed me and announced that she wanted a bath! The first barbarian woman we asked pointed us to the creek, and off we went.

I’m glad I had a couple of drinks in me beforehand, because it was not a warm evening at all. Still, I was too curious about why Theona wanted to get all cleaned up not to go! We took turns with soap and water and holding up a cloak in case someone walked by, and I found out that we’re going to see Areon’s parents tomorrow. Ah, ha! Poor Theona was so worried about what they’d think of her, she was even asking me for advice! About all I could think of was to tell her NOT to have a shot of anything stronger than water beforehand… no matter how much she thought she needed it!

The next morning, we thanked the tribe for their hospitality and headed into the woods. Areon stopped in the wildest-looking part and climbed straight up a tree trunk! Most of us were able to follow, except for Ebin in his plate mail armor, so Areon dropped him a rope. Eventually, we were all eating breakfast with his parents, listening as they asked him all about where he’d been and what he’d done. They were pleasant enough to us all but I didn’t see if they distinguished Theona… maybe it’s some secret elf thing? Maybe not; she spent most of the time kind of in the background, eyeing the room (and at one point telling me she wanted a bath again. Guess that’s what she does when she’s nervous? I thought having to pull her out of the bath after her “date” with Rosorc was a fluke!).

It turned out that Areon’s mother can also teleport, and she was glad to help us get to the closest city by the Anauroch Desert. We need to buy desert gear in Llorkh, since we have no idea what we’ll find at the tombs - or if we’ll find them! After a quick goodbye and good luck, she left us in a field outside the city walls. Tyan, again, seemed to think he and Glitch would be recognized… but wouldn’t elaborate. I’m sure we’ll find out if it’s important! Still, the guards let us all in with only a few questions and a small toll.

The guards suggested the Dark Raven tavern as a likely inn, and “dragon’s breath” for a good drink. We walked into the city of a few thousand people… and got a little worried. Ebin headed right off to find an armory, to exchange his plate mail for something better suited for the desert, while the rest of us had to pass a large temple to the Prince of Lies to get to the tavern! The common room was dimly lit; Areon put his back to the wall while the rest of us sat around a table and ate some dinner. We talked over what we’d need for our journey; I volunteered that I could create food and water, and Theona pointed out that I could also help everyone endure the elements as well. Finally, we headed out to do some shopping. Areon thinks it will take thirty days just to get there, much less how long we’ll stay or how long to return!

Although the town was full of worshippers of an evil god, we weren’t harassed. I was relieved! We picked up wagons, camels, barrels of water and food, tents and desert clothing. Ebin suggested finding a guide, but I think Areon feels up to the task, himself. I was just beginning to relax when a caravan leaving the east gate caught my eye. I was puzzling out the small black oval with a yellow “Z” inside it, when I heard a hiss beside me and turned to grab Theona’s arm before she went berserk! After all these weeks of paranoia, she finally had many Zhents in front of her - and none of us would let her act. Poor elf!

Well, we plied her with ale and begged her to behave, since making a scene was pointless in a town like this one. I don’t think she agreed with us that a full frontal attack was suicidal, but she did calm down enough for us to finish our purchases. I decided to ignore the glint in her eye… after all, we are also headed east toward the desert in the morning, and elves don’t sleep much!

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