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Candal Light

Griselda’s Journal

3 Kuthona 4709
Darkmoon Wood

And then, thankfully, Rogar appeared a few moments later, as if he’d never been whisked away in Limbo. Good thing for us too, as dwarves do seem to know more about dwarven history. We were filled in on the “rest” of the story. The dwarves accidentally brought back a curse from Gallowspire during the Shining Crusade. There are three seals within the dwarven monastery near Darkmoon Wood, and minions of the Whispering Tyrant are always working to break those seals. Of course, the dwarves had wisely put the iron box and the key in temples quite far apart— and within a few short days, we’ve managed to obtain both items and bring them back to where the seals are hidden.

Since we were back in our camp, with our belongings, we stoked the campfire and decided to start our watches over again.

I noticed that there was an even bigger fire, somewhere near us, and then remembered that, at the paladin’s behest, oil had been thrown (and lighted) on a fairy-covered dead tree surrounded by dead, dry vegetation. Though days had passed for us, only a few hours had passed since that incident. Our little campfire was, of course, barely noticeable in comparison, but we were noticed. Wolves howled. The night came alive with heavy movement in the trees. Suddenly, one of the trees broke into our camp and attempted to kill us. Yes, I think that the treant that had ignored us prior to the forest fire was intent on killing us now. We fought it with magic weapons and spells, with the killing blow, oddly, coming from Tythe after she snuck behind it and stabbed it once with her small dagger.

We tossed the dead/undead tree/treant on to our campfire, and noticed the flame turned green.

My watch was next, and as the forest fire continued to burn merrily on the horizon, the sound of a large, stomping thing could be heard heading our way. I slipped through the trees to identify it and determined it was another of the large plant creatures. I hurried back to wake the camp.

We actually had planned to let this one pass, but it came to our green campfire and, bending toward the fire, began to absorb the greenness from it, growing noticeably stronger in the process. We attacked, hoping to gain the upper hand with surprise. Candal was pretty surprising— he’d not bothered to heal after our last combat and went down with one smack from our assailant. Rogar was next to fall, leaving the defense of the camp to the females. Even Kasa bravely pulled the unconscious paladin to safety (and Salma’s healing), while I stood over the fallen dwarf. We eventually slew the second treant.

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