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Land Shark

Astrid’s Journal

26 Neth 4709 AR

The tree Salma and I climbed into was already occupied by a gnome. Fortunately, the gnome seemed intent on the rumbling disturbance moving towards the overturned wagon, so we opted to deal with that and provide introductions later. The dorsal fin ascended to reveal a bulette or “land shark” and it looked hungry.

Candal and I both ran towards the rock Tythe was clambering up, realizing it to be the safest place to attack from the ground. As we beat on the armored hide of the creature, another one appeared, but we soon realized it was the result of a gnomish spell. It confused the real bulette for a moment, allowing us to reposition ourselves for the next attack. A horse, which apparently is a companion of Candal’s, appeared within the illusory bulette.

We got a few good strikes on the bulette, but it was taking its toll on us as well. In fact, I was just about to fall over when I saw an arrow fly past— Tythe managed to finish the creature off with a well-placed shot.

I blacked out for a few moments, and came to while Salma was healing us. I wandered over to Rogar, who was busily cutting apart the bulette; in addition to salvaging the valuable hide and some vials of other things I could not identify, the land shark’s stomach contained some coins, a few moonstones, and a glowing dagger (we pretty much all agreed that Tythe should have that). There was a brief introduction to the gnome sorceress Liake, and then we saw riders coming down the road and prepared for whatever irritation was about to be dropped on us. Fortunately, it was a dozen Andoran soldiers from the Diamond Regimen, who had orders to kill the creature we had just dispatched. Their leader, Captain Tolben, told us to take proof to the marble tower Adamas for 1000 gold piece bounty. In addition, any meat from the creature could be sold to the Thrumming Birch in Olfden.

We grabbed as much meat as Candal’s bag would hold, and quite a lot of the creature’s hide, then left the carcass. We could hear wolves finishing that off as we camped nearby for the night. In the morning, there was not so much as a bone left behind.

After a few more days of travel, we arrived at a tall white marble tower built into a bluff face. After knocking on the single gate, a guard appeared, and after a look at our “proof” provided us with a letter to receive our reward money in Olfden. We got to town a while later, retrieving both the reward money and an additional 400 gold for the bulette meat. Rogar and Candal are discussing getting or making better armor; I suspect we will stay here for a day or so.

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