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It is Green

Astrid’s Journal

18 Lamashan 4709 AR
A Cave in Kortos

We ran out of the cavern and were well on our way to the exit when I stopped everyone and convinced them that it was probably a very small green dragon (judging by the size of the lair) and that we had, after all, come to look for treasure, which dragons collect. Tythe and Deaglan were ready to go back then— it took a bit of convincing to get Salma to go, and then, I think she just wanted to make sure we all survived the visit.

We walked quietly back into the cavern, and then I crept up to the edge of the lake— the dragon burst out of the water and bit me— hard. I was lucky that Salma was keeping track of me. In addition to keeping me on my feet, she used some divine intervention that increased my strength (and size)— it didn’t help my aim, but I can see that being a useful ability in the future.

We all fought the dragon, which battered us with its wings, claws, teeth and breath, and just when I thought we could fight no longer, it backed into the lake and swam away. Deaglan leapt in after it, swimming under the water some 60’ till he found its real lair— and he was sure he saw piles of coins. He returned to get us and we swam back with him to fight the dragon a bit more; this time we slew the accursed beast.

Among the bones of those who had fought and died on this beach, we found quite a lot of coins, as well as some magical weapons and armor (which my companions plan to use). I am not sure I want to use a magical weapon, though it might have made fighting a dragon a wee bit easier.

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