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Be careful what you wish for

Salma’s Journal

The dog has been named Rufus.

We decided to spend the day at the inn. In fact, I didn’t even want to leave the room. At dinnertime, Astrid and Tythe went to get food. They left Deaglan with me, with orders to “scream real loud” if there was trouble.

Of course, that meant Deaglan was very suspicious when someone knocked! Astrid stuck her head in the door to tell us that there was an assassin IN the tavern. I was ready to climb out the window (again) when it occurred to us that we were probably being watched from that direction, too...

We went to the window and closed the shutters without being shot, and a peek through the slats showed no one obviously watching us. I stayed away from the window while Astrid headed back downstairs and we settled in to wait for our meal.

Now we heard something at the window, of course... the flapping of wings! Astrid and Tythe returned and Tythe peeked out. All she said was, “Well, that’s unusual!” Astrid took a look and described an eyeball with wings that also “climbs real well”. She ended up hanging half out the window, singing, trying to lure it inside.

I expected the sniper to strike at any time. If this was a trap to lure us out, they certainly knew their targets well!

After several false starts, scuttling up and down the outside of the building, the creature came inside the room. We quickly shut the window and watched it crawl around on the ceiling. The dog, Rufus, really didn’t like it!

We talked over what it could be; I’ve never seen nor heard of such a creature in Absalom. With the one big eye, was it sent to spy on us? It was very skittish for something that should want to be inside watching us, though.

Eventually I was able to snag it out of the air, and cradled it close to my chest so it couldn’t hurt itself with struggling and flapping. It promptly dug its talons into my skin. Now that it had a hold of me it didn’t want to let go; once we detached it we found out why.

The talons had tendrils! It was trying to feed off of me! Yech! But Tythe, with a wicked gleam in her eye, told us that she wanted to keep it. We wrapped it in a cloak until Astrid and Deaglan returned with a cage. She dumped it in, and then they headed off for a drink!

Ah, Irori, what a change from my previous life!

Posted by Kate on March 15, 2009, 14:16 | Salma’s Journal