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Caught Your Eye

Astrid’s Journal

17 Lamashan 4709 AR

We tried to stay out of trouble for a day. Determined to stay in our room at the Golden Griffin until we were all well-rested and healed, we managed for at least 8 hours, until Tythe needed a fresh drink. Salma was adamant that she was not leaving, so Deaglan and I agreed to take turns staying with her. Tythe and I decided to go with our “personas” of the night before, which was not overly difficult, since no one in Absalom really knows us anyway.

We entered the crowded tavern area—there were no tables available so we sat down at the bar. Looking around the room, I spotted one of our “shadows” from the night before, and told Tythe I would be back in a minute after letting our friends know that trouble might be brewing. I told Salma and Deaglan and then hurried back down to the tavern in time to see Tythe had wandered over to the table of mystery stalker. I heard that she was quizzing him about which event she might have met him at. I wandered over and asked their forgiveness and told Tythe I would be ordering food for us to go up to the room we were staying in. I offered to do the same for the stalker, pretending I had never seen him before, but he was not giving up any info on where he was staying or what his name was.

We ordered food and went back upstairs. I put an alarm spell on the room, and we opted to shut the shutters to our room, somehow sure that snipers would be attacking us at any moment.

Then we heard a thump.

Something had hit the shuttered window. Tythe peeked out and said she saw a big “eye” looking back at her. I took a quick look and saw that yes, there was a big eye staring in. It had black fur and batlike wings. I thought it looked like a creature I had once heard of called an “eyewing” but it was much too small. Deaglan and Salma had a look in turn as well— none of us had ever seen such a thing.

We figured it was either a harmless creature that we had all somehow never seen before, an exotic pet, or a familiar of some spying wizard. It looked harmless otherwise, and we were getting cabin fever, having nearly been in the inn for a half of a day now, so we opened the shutters and I dismissed the alarm. The ocular creature scuttled (on three little bird-like legs) up to the frame of the window, still staring in at us. I attempt to coax it in with a lullaby (even though I did not see any ears on the creature) and it gradually scuttled in for a closer look.

Without having much of a plan at this point, Deaglan and Tythe closed the shutters again, and the mini eyewing retreated up to a corner of the ceiling. Salma got it down with her staff, and was struggling with prying it off the staff when it turned its spindly little legs towards her chest and burrowed in! We quickly got it off of her, bundling it into a cloak— we could see that the little “legs” had inserted tendrils through her flesh, but I think we got the creature off in its entirety. Deaglan and I went down to the inn owner and got him to have a one of his servers procure a crate for us, so we had something to place the creature in. I did not see any of our stalkers in the great room this time.

So, here we sit, in a room in the tavern, still battered and bruised, with a mysterious bat-eye in a crate.

Posted by Kristin on March 7, 2009, 15:25 | Astrid’s Journal