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Well, that’s over...

Zandu’s Journal

Well, that’s over. After we burned the door down and followed Nessiam’s escape route for a while we searched the tower. The book was locked in an iron chest which was rather easily opened and we returned it to the Pathfinder Society. After making sure the master abort code was used I showed them my birth tattoo and explained a little about it. They brought in a nice cartographer and the next thing I knew I was being nudged awake. We then returned to the Golden Griffin Inn where we had a nice bath and something to snack on. Then it was suddenly morning.

While having breakfast, an older woman from next door came in and started screaming about demons in her basement. We went to check it out and discovered that someone had dug a hole right into her basement wall. As per my suggestion the town guard was called and they decided to take over from here, so we went to stock up on supplies.

When we returned to the inn there was a message for us from some one with the initials TR. We went to the tavern mentioned and it turned out to be the nice guy we helped a few days ago. He said his sister is under some kind of spell and we need to get her back. So we are going to attend a Ball and attempt to bring her home. This sounds like fun to me.

Posted by Fred on December 6, 2008, 11:25 | Zandu’s Journal