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Zandu’s Journal

We need to finish this, and it needs to be finished NOW. It’s only been a full day, I know, but first the granary, then the test we had to go through just to get a little information, then the cathedral, and now we are so close. Here at the “pyramid,” if you can really call it that, of the dog, we’ve done almost everything but get that book. I’m starting to get a bit cranky, and hacking away at people with my claws is something I don’t like doing. It’s just I really don’t like to get blood on my hands. I’d much rather cast in a few spells, but we’re so close. If Nessiam will just surrender it will be all over.

Right I forgot to tell you about the cathedral. We got there just after all but one girl was killed, and we destroyed the undead. I shake a bit every time I got some of that disgusting decay on my hands, but I’ll deal with it. We attempted to play the song, and did so horribly. Then we ran for a couple of hours to this pyramid/tower thing. Well, let’s get it done.

Posted by Fred on November 23, 2008, 09:24 | Zandu’s Journal