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Tythe’s Bio

Tythe’s Journal ~PC Bios~

So what happens next. Already it seems so long ago that Cutter, the ship’s first mate helped me jump ship. I remember standing just a moment to see what was to be my very last sunrise from the bow of the Nightshade, the ship that had been my home, its crew my family as long as I can remember. She’d been named for the half Drow wife of its captain, my Father on the day she’d died giving birth to my sister and I and left him to raise the two of us alone. He’d turned his back on the land that day and lived the rest of his life, a pirate the scourge of the inner sea.

My sister, Synn and I learned the ways of the sea before we could walk and sword play not long after that. Synn, was a natural the Captain had always said but there was something else, something of our Mother’s Drow tainted blood. There was a darkness in her eyes, those eyes that so closely mimicked my own, those eyes that were the only thing we carried from our Father. Many times I saw the concerned look on the Captain’s face as he’d watch Synn spar with one of the crew never giving an inch, nearly killing one of his best swordsman. It wasn’t long before not one able body would stand against her except Cutter and Father would always step in before things went too far as much for Synn’s benefit as Cutter’s. He knew Cutter would have no qualms about spilling Synn’s blood but he was more worried that Cutter would be the one to bleed. I learned to stay out of her way. I learned to be quick and to move like the cat that that was as much a part of the crew as any of the rest, prized for killing the rats that carried disease and ruined food and water.

I got together what money I had saved over the years and what equipment I thought I would need. I did this secretly whenever my Sister would be otherwise occupied, not even thinking about me. I did this at my father’s request. He was becoming sickly and I think he knew he was dying. Cutter would come each day to find me and bring me to him so he and I could talk and he warned me not to stay aboard ship in the event of his death. He knew something. This final day He told me to get ready to leave saying do not let the morning sun find you aboard this ship. We’d come to port in a small out of the way village. Cutter nearly had to carry me out of my Father’s quarters that night. I did not want to leave him in his last moments. As I was dragged from my father’s death bed I saw that my sister was standing outside waiting to go in, She had a look of satisfaction on her face.

Later in the darkness Cutter came for me with the news that my Father was dead. Her eyes filled with tears she helped me to make my way to a small boat that had been prepared. I looked one last time through my own tears to the small quarters that had been my home for so long. Then Cutter hurried me out on deck and we quietly made our way but she stopped for a moment fishing something out of her pocket as I looked to see the sun just beginning to rise above the horizon. The ship was silent as a grave as I made my way to the small craft that would take me to land. As I climbed down the ladder I heard my sister’s voice. Cutter dropped both my equipment and a final gift from my father. Before she turned to face my sister and buy me as much time as she could with her own blood if need be.

I never heard the exchange of words that followed. I never saw the dagger from out of the dark that took Cutter’s life. I never saw my sister’s face knowing I had escaped. I never saw my Father take his last breath as my sister watched him die, her face so close to his as she took that breath from him. I lay in the bottom of the small boat wondering why nobody came to retrieve me. Why my Sister didn’t just come to kill me. In the end I didn’t even care as I wandered for days after I landed in my small boat putting as much distance between me and my Sister as possible. This is how I came to be here in this tavern in a village I know nothing of. Some time ago I bought a pack horse that turned out to be little more than a nag but she has been good enough to carry my few belongings and I am at least comfortable. All I can ask of my life now is so what happens next?

Character sheet: Tythe [Elf rogue from the Sodden Lands]

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