Smugglers’ Shiv
Potion of water breathing
Potion of water walking, Donzerly (carried)
6 4 Potions of lesser restore, Donzerly (carried)

Potion of remove disease
8 Potions of cure light wounds
Potion of cure moderate wounds

Scimitar +1, Berkana Scar
Leather bracers of armor +1, Baer
Wand of mirror image, Donzerly
Wand of vampiric touch, Donzerly
Mithril hook
+1 buckler w/ skeleton motif
MW +3 longbow
5 red pearl amulets
Brass sextant
Ruby shards
2 pearls
7 +1 arrows
2 +2 arrows
Arrow of aberration slaying
Javelin of lightning
MW small spear

Efficient quiver, Berkana Indaron

Eleder, Sargava
8 MW composite shortbows
8 MW clubs
MW breastplate
MW kukri
34 flasks of alchemists fire
2 packages of ambergris, Indaron

Amulet of natural armor +1, Scar
Kukri +1, Berkana Indaron

Salt Mines, Sargava
946gp, Indaron (carried)
1990sp, Indaron (carried)
11pp, Indaron (carried)
200cp, Indaron (carried)
2 obsidian, 13gp each, Indaron (carried)
2 rose quartz, 55gp each, Indaron (carried)

MW serrated dagger, Indaron
Heavy pick +1, Berkana Donzerly
Scroll case with deed to mine
Silver locket, 25gp

5 uncut diamonds, 400gp each, Indaron (carried)
MW steel shield, Indaron (carried)
MW breastplate
MW longbow, Indaron (carried)
1 coral, 110gp, Indaron (carried)
1 charysoberyl, 100gp2 carnelians, 60gp each, Indaron (carried)
5 lapis lazuli, 12gp each, Indaron (carried)
Wand of message, Donzerly (carried)

Potion of remove sickness, Donzerly (carried)
Scroll of hold person, Donzerly
Zenj spirit fetish, Donzerly
Scroll case with treasure map, Donzerly (carried)

Lake of Vanishing Armies
Iron box
MW studded leather
MW shortsword
MW punching dagger

4 vials (not magic, unidentified)
Potion of invisibility, Indaron
Wand of glyph of warding, Donzerly
Adamantine machete, Scar
20 gold ingots (50gp each)
Potion of cat’s grace, Indaron
2 potions of lesser restoration, Donzerly (carried)

Screaming Jungle
6 MW composite longbows (+2 STR) + arrows
4 MW studded leather
3 MW spears
Ring of sustenance, Donzerly
Scroll of raise dead
Amulet of natural armor +1, Sardonyx
War Mask of Terror (+1 deflection AC, Scare 1/day, +2 intimidate), Indaron
5 onyx
Spear +1, Donzerly
Necromancer’s spellbook, Donzerly (carried)

1 black pearl (700gp)
3 amethyst (100gp each)

Potion of rage, Sardonyx
Scroll of greater magic weapon (arcane), Donzerly
1gp, Indaron
Rusty Eloko bell (charm), Indaron (carried)

Tanzion, Mwangi Expanse
Potion of cure serious wounds, Sardonyx
Potion of cure serious wounds, Scar

Scythe +1, Donzerly
Heavy mace +1, small
Serpent hide armor +1, small
Coffer of gold, ivory and gems
Pair of gold lions (figurines of wondrous power), Donzerly
10,000gp of mithril cobra parts
Moonstone gem, very, very big, Indaron (carried)
Fire Opal, very, very big, Scar (carried)
Onyx, very, very big, Sardonyx (carried)
Sapphire, very, very big, Donzerly (carried)
Potion, of cure moderate wounds, Sardonyx
Potion, of cure moderate wounds, Donzerly
Bag of diamond dust (spell component to “fix” Sardonyx), Donzerly

Shatterspike, Longsword +1, Indaron
Journal, research on four Pillars/Gems, Donzerly

Feathered +1 cloak of resistance, Sardonyx
Hand of the Mage, Donzerly (carried)
Feathered Headband of Allure +2, N’Ketchi (NPC)
Robe of Bones (6 patches)
MW morning star
Pouch of Onyx Gems
10 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (divided by group)
1 Wand of Silence, Donzerly
Bracers of Armor +2 (only a +1 in their current condition)

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified….

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