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My Human Shadow

Maiyr’s Journal

We found the place the fiend went; it had made a home below an old grave of a hero. A large pile of rocks with a fallen dwarven hero underneath. There has to be some kind of irony here.

We started working our way down, found some traps. I don’t want to go first anymore. This group I travel with argues a lot, I am finding that I am not very patient for it. I get tired of it and walk away; Darvin is always first behind me. My human shadow.

More traps, and then some rats. Large and smelling fiendish, cool we must be on the right track.

The rats fall easily, Sprockets makes illusions. During the fight she produced a large cat, taller than me. It fought and helped scare the rats. Nosila warned me when it first arrived, Sprocket has quite a talent. Only problem, I hate cats.

Argue and wonder, we found the bridge guarded by two more of the fiend’s pets. They cast some sort of spell that made me run. I hate when that happens. Why can’t they fight sword to sword like men? When I got back it seems the two women had defeated them. Won’t live this down.

Found its home, bones and stench everywhere. Finally a good battle, we slay the fiend. I never had fought a fiend before and almost feel guilty; it was wounded when we got there. Just wasn’t even enough, almost unfair.

The beast had cast some spells on us, I am weakened and Darvin is well into unconscious. At least he isn’t following me.

Posted by Kristin on February 27, 2005, 08:29 | Maiyr’s Journal