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A Wife’s Tale

Charzth’s Journal

Seems I am a bad husband. The more we try to do things together, the worse I seem to help No’. From morning to night I seem to leave her in danger, no matter where we go. These undead beings really seem to take to her for some reason.

Through the day I tried being astute. But alas, it is just not meant to be it seems. I am glad I’m strong and No’ is light. Plus, I am happy for the gold hidden in my pouch. If not, the long treks to the shrine may have been in vain. Seems I know the adepts by their first names and their nicknames now. Their eyes brighten as I stumble in, my wife in my arms.

Tomorrow should be a better day. No’ does smell awful good, and I would be very displeased if she didn’t warm my “sheets” any more. Though we are going back to the cellar again today. I wonder how poorly I will do this time.

Why is this so hard? Killing zombies is easy. Heck, almost fun now. Ancestors forgive me!!!! What am I doing wrong?

Posted by Erik on October 8, 2004, 23:03 | Charzth’s Journal