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How do You Kill the Dead?

RonyŠ’s Journal

Tonight was a very frightening experience for me; it was the first time that I saw the dead walk. I had heard of the dead walking before, but I thought that was just what they told bad kids to scare them. But tonight not only did the dead rise, but they also fought.

It happened at what I could tell was midnight. Zym and I were praying to the Dark Maiden when we heard warning horns. I opened the door to my room at the inn when I saw other patrons in the hall. They must have heard the horns as well, without a word we all rushed out of the inn. I followed them ‘cause it appeared that they had done this before. We rushed through the village, then we came around a building and there in the distance was something that made me stop in my tracks. The dead had arisen. So I did what any sensible man would have done— I took a long toke off of my pipe. As I stood there trying to believe my eyes, the other people that I ran there with jumped into battle. How can you kill something that is already dead? That was the questions that I was pondering.

“Zym, hide!” As he ran off, I put the pipe away and ran into battle, not knowing how to kill the dead but attempting to help anyway. They were hard to drop but one by one they did, but as some dropped more waves kept coming. How long could we fight? The others that were there kept fighting but it seemed in vain. Then this sickly green sun appeared out of nowhere. The bodies walked right through it. That was enough for me— I had to regroup to figure out my next move. So I retreated back out of what looked like a cemetery but there were people still fighting so I mustered up all my courage, took another toke, and ran back for more. As I laid into the undead, I stood beside a stout dwarf that helped me fight. The waves of undead seemed endless so we decided to fall back to the temple to regroup. The dwarf helped me retreat as I called for Zym. He came running. I scooped him up and ran for the temple. Arriving at the temple we went inside. “Zym we are safe for now!” But, for how long? I need to smoke.

Posted by x-gamer on September 26, 2004, 14:46 | RonyŠ’s Journal