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Bumps in the night?

Charzth’s Journal

Gathering ourselves, I stood holding Nosila’s hand. Seems I got a good warrior for a wife. Seems that the Ubtao was looking out for me once again. Giving No’s hand a squeeze I led her from the body-strewn cemetery back into town.

Hungry as we were, we had a healthy breakfast of potatoes and a little meat. A few ales swished down nicely to boot. During our meal we discussed the past day’s events. Seems that we chose a bad area to honeymoon in.

Meal done, we wandered out into the town for a long walk. Many people stopped to stare as we passed. I guess our fighting skill was more amazing than I had first admitted. I said as much to No’. She kind of blushed and whispered in my ear that she believed it had more to do with our lack of clothes than our actual fighting skill.

With a quick pat on the backside I let her know that I could see her point. Growing weary with all of the stares and the sad people wandering about, we decided to return to the Inn. It was growing a little dark as we reached it.

A quick meal and then we raced off to our room. Feeling romantic, we turned the lights out - after we stowed our gear in an easily accessible spot. Eventually, sleep took us later in the night.

What seemed to be mere moments after we had passed out, alarm horns sounded throughout the town. Jumping out of bed and gathering our gear, we quickly placed our armour on. Kukris in hand, we raced out to the street. As suspected, there was a commotion coming from the cemetery again.

Gathering with the others who had defended the village before, we raced to the cemetery. Sure enough, it was zombie killin’ time again. No’ raced in beside me. Kukris in double time, we waded in. I heard the Dwarf hollering as his axe went to and fro.

We seemed to be pushing the undead back as the town guard came up in the rear to our aid. I recognized the guard captain from the Inn the other night. Just when we thought we were getting somewhere, another wave came.

A strange green light shone in the middle of the battle as we fought. Seemed the sun god was in our favour as it blessed us. But the blessing was short….

No’ dropped to the ground; several guardsmen rushed to aid. My mind went red. The bowels of hell let loose in my mind. Taking several attacks as I charged forward, I ran to my wife’s side. Blood running down my side or not, I threw No’ over my shoulder and ran her down the street to safety.

Finding a safe place to put her I ran back to the battle. The tide was beyond turned. The Dwarf and a dark skinned fighter were fighting yet. Two guards and the captain yet stood. The gnome and the halfling were in full retreat. I called for them to pull my wife to the temple if they could.

I then charged into the battle. Arguing with the dwarf and the pipe-smoking fighter to retreat and that I would catch up later. That, of course, wound up with much more zombie fighting as we tried to position ourselves to be the last to retreat. Giving up on the hard-headed dwarf, I followed the pipe-smoking fighter back towards the temple. Getting in my zombie slashes along the way.

Feeling my power and energy ebb from my body, I turned to run. I could barely keep standing. My rage had done me in. Only thinking of No’ helped me make it back to the temple. As the others entered, I heard the gates lock behind them. I gathered No’ in my arms and thought of nothing else as I rocked her through the night. The sun would rise, I told myself, and someone would pay dearly!

Posted by Erik on September 25, 2004, 22:22 | Charzth’s Journal