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Left for Dead

Jin’s Journal

As I drift into the dark void of oblivion one thought crosses my mind. They left me to die. Now I understand why. If they’d have stayed no one would be alive to complete our mission. That, however, does not change the fact, they left me for dead.

The goblin city was a strange place; the only real similarity is they like to give false information, especially when coin is offered. Eventually we were set on the right track and found our contact. We had to pay him up front so he could pay his bill. Once Gib retuned from doing his thing, we were off. There was a small misunderstanding with a couple of “people” who our contact apparently owed some money to.

It was fun to ride in a land vehicle that was moved along by an earth elemental. It was a quiet ride, and I was grateful to stretch my legs afterwards. That was when we realized we were not the only ones at this ruined city. Jak, K’ehleyr, and I went to look around at one area while Gib scouted another. We were attacked by some strange creature that appeared to be covered in ice. We fought as best as we could until K’ehleyr fell. I obtained the full attention of our attackers and lured them far enough away from my fallen companion to allow Jak to dump a healing potion down her throat. I watched K’ehleyr get up. I heard Jak yell “run.” I saw them turn to leave. Then the dark void I now reside in took over and I feel as if I’m holding on by will alone.

Posted by Fred on October 17, 2005, 16:35 | Jin’s Journal