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Back in action

K’ehleyr’s Journal

Two weeks went by after getting the seven-pointed star to House Cannith. I rode Huerga for exercise, and followed Jak to some of the social events she has to fulfil when she’s in the city. Dreadfully effete, some of these city folk, but Jak seemed to think it was important to stay on their good side. I sometimes imagined their response to being dropped into the middle of a battlefield and kept my good humor to myself. I’m just glad Jak isn’t like that! We never heard from Jin or Gib, and hoped that no news was good news on that score.

Then, Jak got a message from the Lady, asking to meet us at the Broken Anvil, and hinting at trouble. We sent a message on to Gib and Jin, and met outside the tavern the next morning. To our surprise, the Lady was very unlike the smooth and richly cultured woman we remembered! Disheveled, visibly upset, and huddled into the corner of the room, she hurriedly shoved a pack at us and whispered that there was no time to explain. Instructions and supplies were in the pack, great rewards would follow if we succeeded, but we should go immediately. Too shocked to argue, I scooped up the pack and followed the others toward the exit, as the door opened...

Four small figures entered the room, carrying crossbows. They spread out in front of the door, and a cloaked humanoid figure came in behind them. It shot the Lady with a crossbow, too quickly for us to stop it! I shouted at the figure, outraged, and the kobolds charged us all. Drawing my sword, I snarled at them, forced to fight kobolds while the figure reloaded and shot at the Lady a second time. This time she was able to get cover from a table, and I caught sight of metal and wood hands holding the crossbow - another warforged! Jin kept telling me to attack the thing - how I wanted to! - but we were all stuck fighting the kobolds. Jin then began to shout at the warforged in another language, but it only sneered at him in response.

As Jak used her whip, Gib slung stones at the warforged, and I hacked into the kobold attacking me, I heard the warforged tell Jin that the “flesh nations” are pitiful, and coming to an end. Jin threw more insults and was shot by the warforged’s crossbow in return. Jak was backed into the wall by now, and the Lady nowhere in sight. I dropped two kobolds and finally saw my way clear to attack the warforged... and found that this one, at least, was not going to go down easy. The others finished off the last two kobolds as I traded blows with the warforged, only to fall at its feet. The last thing I heard was its laughter...

I awoke to a much pleasanter sound, the chanting of a house of healing! It took several cures to get us all healthy again, but I was relieved to see that we were all there. I think the healer closed up shop for the day after we left; we tired him out! We took the pack to Jak’s and emptied it, finding a note, money, potions... telling us to go to a hobgoblin city to find help recovering another ancient artifact of the House. Jak found a half-elf crew to sail us there, and we actually left port without incident. I left Huerga with Jak’s House, knowing that this new city will not welcome our presence. She’d only be a target.

The third night out from port, we woke to screams on deck! We grabbed our weapons and made for the melee, finding that eight skeletons dripping seaweed had climbed on board and attacked the crew. Jak began to sing a rousing song - it really seems to work! - and we joined the battle. Gib, Jak, and four of the sailors hit the deck before we managed to destroy all of the skeletons, but thankfully, only one of the half-elves died. A few days and much resting later, we made it to the goblin city without further trouble...

Posted by Kate on October 6, 2005, 11:49 | K’ehleyr’s Journal