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Drifting In and Out of Consciousness

Jin’s Journal

Looking back the world does seem different when you’re drifting in and out of consciousness. The pain from my wounds was intense and although I tried to keep awake I only remember parts of the journey to get some healing. As it turned out my money was stolen by those people living just above the sewers, so Captain Jak and K’ehleyr split the cost of having me healed. I’ll need to do something to show my appreciation, but that will have to wait till I acquire some funds.

We went to the Broken Anvil to get something to eat and send a messenger to Lady d’Vown. I thought it would be better if we told her in person what we needed but Jak thought the messenger would be safe. We had some dinner and a couple of drinks and went our separate ways for the night.

In the morning we meet back at the Broken Anvil for breakfast and as we ate the messenger returned with the journal. Jak flipped through it quickly as we got ready to go. It was mentioned that I should be someone else as we headed back down to the sewers. I still don’t understand why, but they don’t seem to understand that if I’m going under a different persona, I need to make sure people don’t know. They only know because it’s better for us as a group if they do.

We took the journal and headed back down to the sewers, and to our surprise the area was empty. There were some stragglers here and there, but nothing like it was the day before. As we walked down the narrow stair well to the sewers below, we kept alert for any attackers. My guess is that the Lord of Blades we were warned about thinks we gave up. K’ehleyr took the journal and went to place it over the hatch in the wall. The rest of us hid around the corner half expecting the whole place to blow up. When we noticed we were all in one piece we looked only to find this shaft that extends both up and down as far as we could see. Gib dropped a stone down the shaft while we were discussing how to best proceed. In the end we just had to climb.

It felt like we climbed for days down that shaft till it started to level out and we could walk. Gib insisted on traveling ahead of us so he can scout a bit. Then suddenly there was a thump. I ran forward to see if Gib was alright only to see this black mass of beetles coming at him. K’ehleyr helped Gib back up into the shaft as Jak took one of my oil flasks, lit it, and through it on the floor in front of us to keep the beetles at bay. After a bit the beetles scurried away and we went to explore. Out of nowhere two strange looking rats attacked us. I tried to fight back but I’m not very good at fighting, so I went to back away and that’s when everything went dark.

I felt cool water being poured into my mouth and woke up with the strangest feeling of peace. We were all alive and mostly well so we decided to continue exploring. Gib saw the building first and led us to what was the foundry. After much discussion we all ended up on top of the building. I read the journal and discovered the three keys needed to open the vault hidden behind the forge. Unfortunately there were two metal dogs guarding it. We tried several different things to lore them out as we attacked from above, but it didn’t work. So we ended up down inside the building fighting these things. The next thing I know Jak is making me drink a healing potion. Awake and with no immediate danger I took my time to explore the building and search for anything of value. We found some nice things, and I have an even better rapier for it.

As we were leaving and talking about possible alternate ways back to the upper layers of the city, a flaming bolt flew seemingly out of nowhere and almost hit Jak. A booming voice claimed to be the Lord of Blades and demanded the item we were sent to get.

Posted by Fred on September 3, 2005, 10:28 | Jin’s Journal