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Day 01 Our heroes find themselves on an island after surviving a shipwreck; they investigate an abandoned lighthouse.
Day 02 After a night of being watched by lizard people, the shipwrecked heroes spend the day fighting zombies from a sunken ship.

Our heroes force Triaa to rest for the day.
Day 03 The heroes investigate a nearby cave, finding some pirate treasure, and a lot of trouble. They emerge in some spider-filled trees, and end up dragging themselves back to the lighthouse for some much-needed recouperation.
Day 04 After some rest, the shipwrecked companions fight a few more troglodytes; Triaa and Dora drink too much rum.
Day 05 The party rests for a day. Some have hangovers.
Day 06 Our heroes climb to the top of the highest point on the island, and find some ruins.
Day 07 After an uneventful night's rest, the heroes fight some spiders, climb down a shaft in the ruins, wander around, and fight a huge spider. Morwenna is completely unharmed and kills the spider; the rest need revived....

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