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Day 01 Our heroes meet briefly at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep, then descend into Undermountain to get the crap beaten out of them.
Day 02 Our heroes get another severe beating by an ogre zombie and later destroy a hallway full of statues.

Later, they re-kill a wight and a handful of crawling claws. Eleioni dons cursed armor and lunges into a pit.

Later still, the heroes are attacked by an illusion and rescued by a wererat.
Day 03 After returning to the surface (with Eleioni cursed, purple and covered in leaves, and Flic turned into a stone statue), our heroes must agree to go on a quest for a rich merchant to pay for the restoration of the afflicted members.
Day 04 Party meets to head north with patron.
Day 05 Party is attacked during the night; enemy is successfully defeated. Flic and Owl die after the battle fighting a summoned rhinoceros.
Day 06 Party meets a caravan of shield dwarves being followed by a friendly orc who thinks he
Day 07 Our heroes are attacked by a necromancer in a ruined tower. After the battle, they force march to Red Larch.
Day 08 Patron purchases horses and wagon and party departs Redlarch.
Day 10 5 ghouls attack the party during the night. Eleioni is bitten. A farmer (detects as slightly evil) meets the party on the road; receives healing and warns of bandits and badgers.
Day 13 Party is attacked by a wolf during the night, is suspected to be a werewolf. Eleioni and Sanura may be infected from bites received. Later, party arrives in Triboar.
Day 14 During the night, Quentin and Sanura are attacked in Quentin's room at the North Shield House Inn. The assailant is slain in the ensuing chaos.
Day 15 Sanura spends more and more time with Quentin, and now is staying inside the structure with him when camp is set up.
Day 16 Camp is attacked during the wee hours, but the attackers are almost completely wiped out by Kor'tac. Party later arrives in Longsaddle. Sanura continues to spend her time with Quentin.
Day 17 Party continues north of Longsaddle, and has a run in with a white dragon.
Day 18 Party encounters nine orcs of the Bloody Tongue tribe. Sanura wipes them out with a suprise fireball from the Rod of Wonder. Shoshiro is killed as well.
Day 19 Party arrives at destination. Quentin meets with elders of the Great Wyrm tribe.
Day 20 Party leaves and is accosted by angry tribe members that believe they stole an important artifact. Quentin kills them with a magical orb, and leaves Sanura (a doppelganger) to kill the rest of the party. Kor'tac is the only survivor.
Day 28 Kor'tac arrives in Triboar and meets many small people in the Frost Touched Frog Inn. They all join together and fight wolves and goblins in the nearby woods.
Day 29 The heroes return to town and obtain a map from Dalabrac Merrymar. They encounter 12 drow in Kryptgarden Forest; Rookinoniak dies in the ensuing battle.

Later, the heroes find a portal and a druid, go through the portal, and at the druid's behest, burn down the mysterious courtyard beyond it.

Later still, our heroes investigate entering the tower beyond the courtyard, and slay a large metal creature and several elementals.
Day 30 After the resulting explosion from putting a magic jar into a handy haversack, Seren and Roywyn find themselves floating in the Astral Plane, and the lone survivors of their party.

They are picked up by the Githyanki ship Gaath, meets some other travelers, some of whom are arrested for an altercation on the ship.

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