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Day 01 Our party meets a sorcerer named Tyan and his rat familiar Glitch in Silverymoon.

The undead reappear from the Pommeville cemetery for round 2, with results similar to those of the night before....
Day 02 Our heroes begin planning a search for the silver tiger statue, attempt to rendezvous with a caravan near the Evermoors, and end up hunting trolls.

The party later discovers two caravan guards and a troll named Gral in covered pits, and release them.

In Yartar, survivors of the caravan attack tale their tale; Ebin and a few others decide to head out to search for other survivors.

After staying the night in the temple, our intrepid band of heroes goes to the ruins, runs back to town to reassess the situation after a skirmish, and eventually heads back, finally finding and "killing" the lich Nedrezzar.
Day 03 Rosorc leaves the party to usher the caravan survivors back to civilization; the remaining party follows Gral towards giants north of the Evermoors.

Our merry band decreases by one as Charzth disappears during the night. The remaining group heads to check out ruins in the Qurth Forest.
Day 04 Our heroes have a brief encounter with an orcish warparty.

The heroes find the remains of Giles party and the silver rod needed to defeat Nedrezzar.

They also discover that Colmarr wants them dead.

Day 05 Our party reaches the fortress inhabited by giants....

Our band of adventurers find themselves wandering a strange landscape, and wonder if they are even in the Realms any longer.
Day 06 Party attempts to sneak into fortress to search for the silver tiger. Sneaking went badly and Beowulf was slain in the ensuing battle.

Our heroes are attacked by bunnies on the way to the palace. The crystal palace is surrounded by a shimmering wall that only living beings can pass through. An enchanted elf is brought back through the barrier and "reanimated."
Day 07 Our heroes are joined by a human called Ebin and three others (who subsequently die) to attack the fortress with some success. Tyan's rat familiar saves the party from a very nasty teleport trap. Later, the party kills a hydra protecting a very large sarcophagus.

As night falls, the dome disappears and the palace and creatures in it take on an evil bent, causing the companions to flee and regroup.
Day 08 Party defeats hill giant vampire and finds the Silver Tiger statuette; Ebin and Deitricha are slain by the vampire. Remaining party sail south to Yartar.
Day 11 Deitricha and Ebin are resurrected in Yartar.
Day 12 Party is teleported to the Cold Wood to return the Silver Tiger to the Uthgardt tribe it had been stolen from. The chief was grateful and offered Areon a boon.
Day 13 Our heroes met Areon's parents, and managed to get teleported to Llorkh, near the Anauroch Desert.
Day 14 In Llorch, Theona spies a Zhentish caravan leaving in the same direction the party intends to go. Our heroes prepare for a desert journey and depart early in the day.

The travellers help an old man named "Trevor" pull his wagon out of mud and politely buy some trinkets from him, later to discover that they have all turned into magical items.
Day 15 The party arrives at the foot of the Graypeak Mountains.
Day 16 A red dragon is spotted in the distance, but not encountered.
Day 18 Party is attacked by worgs, goblins, a barghest, and Ebin during the night. Ebin is tied to a wagon wheel until his sanity returns.
Day 19 Our heroes come to the plains east of the Graypeak Mountains.
Day 20 Our heroes pass a 10-wagon Zhent caravan heading in opposite direction.
Day 21 The party passes between the Weathercote Wood and the Lonely Moor.
Day 23 The party is attacked by a bulette during the night.
Day 24 Party reaches desert.
Day 25 Our heroes are attacked by a half dozen ghouls near the Black Road.
Day 26 The party leaves the Black Road and turns north into the Anauroch Desert.
Day 28 Our heroes have a minor skirmish with hell hounds as they travel through the Anauroch.
Day 29 The party encounteres a nyth, but otherwise, rarely sees anything alive in the desert.

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