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Day 06 Our heroes meet at the Staggering Lich Guesthouse and take a job a day's journey north.
Day 07 The group arrives at Zadrian's house and discover the inside is much bigger than the outside. Eventually the alchemist is found and rescued.
Day 08 The heroes return to Rattedaumen.
Day 09 A stranger appears in town and begs for our heroes to help save some dwarven miners about two days' journey away.
Day 10 The party arrives in the hamlet Turnel in the Yatil Mountains.
Day 11 The heroes reach the silver mine and begin the search for the dwarven miners.
Day 12 Not finding any live miners, the heroes must repeatedly drive off large ant-scorpion creatures.
Day 13 Still fighting ant-scorpion critters....
Day 14 Munthrek is slain by the Hive Mother of the ant-scorpion creatures. The rest of the group flees in surprise and/or terror.
Day 15 Our remaining heroes rest and regain the ability to cast spells, then destroy the hive mother. A male whisper gnome, part of a group digging out the collapsed entrance to the mine, joins the party.
Day 16 After returning to Rattedaumen and selling some items at the local apothecary, the heroes hear a disturbance from that building. Upon investigating, they find a mysterious figure taking a runestone that they had just sold.
Day 17 After explosions from inside the apothecary finally rouse the town guard, our heroes discuss what happened with the store owner, and elect to head north after a divination spell determines the thief's path.
Day 18 The group spends the night at the future site of Zadrian's new mansion, then continues on north.
Day 21 After four days of travel, the heroes arrive in Exag.
Day 22 After an uneventful night in Exag, the heroes prepare to depart for another local mine to clear it of monsters. Fortuna is confronted by Commander Bragus of the town guard. The heroes manage to get to the mine, planning to rid it of rust monsters, and encounter hobgoblins and a mind flayer instead.

And later, an umber hulk. After Fortuna sneaks through a portal and learns of a bizarre ironworks, the heroes manage to escape unseen and return to Exag.
Day 23 Party is "arrested" for their own safety, then allowed to escape to return to the mine and gather information.

Information is gathered, but Janet, Elizair and Babble are killed by a bone devil.
Day 24 After escaping from the mine, Fash and Fortuna meet Keth and Holli on the road to Exag, get lost, find Hightower, and eventually alert the town guard to an impending undead army.
Day 25 Town of Exag is leveled by an undead army thanks to their own mayor; about a dozen people survive. The rest join the undead army and continue south.
Day 26 The gnomes hole up in a temple to Ulaa and attempt to defend it (and the humans therein) from a horde of undead. A storm rolls in, the roof of the temple explodes, and the gnomes find themselves in a desert temple....
Day 27 The gnomes find water and a mummy. They destroy the mummy, though Fash and Fortuna contract mummy rot. They rest for a while, set off a few life-threatening traps, and eventually find another mummy.

Later, Fash dies while fighting scarab beetles.
Day 28 Pyotr finds himself in the desert and meets someone called Aldus, who in turn leads him to the gnomes with instructions on how to reach an encampment called Muhar. The Priestess Snefru tells them to bring her the Chalice of Neferti for a cure for Mummy Rot. They quickly set out to their destination.

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