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February 27, 2008

Cave of fools…

Elizair's Journal

We stayed the night at a disturbing Inn, in fact this town is a bit odd now that I think about it. They definitely do not take a kind eye to travelers to say the least. I can hardly blame them, after all they live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by hostile creatures and they get little if any support from their fellow countrymen. They have learned to not trust, maybe fear, all travelers as bringers of bad new or times. Guess the big walls around the town would be the first sign of that, but yet the people seem to have walls also.

Looking for work we tried to find some on the town post, yet this was not how this town worked. Seems you have to have done good work and made a name for yourself before any here will acknowledge to having some work to be done. So, we decided to forge out on the only lead we had, “trouble at the mine.” With the recent success in such manners, we felt comfortable that we would be able to handle the new dilemma.

So we met with the Captain of the Watch and then headed off to the mine. At least most of us did …… it seems that Fortuna has taken an eye for the young Captain. Strange, I never imagined her going for that type. It is sad that it will not work; the handsome Captain is too tied down for her interest. She will grow tired of him quickly. Still, it is good to see her so exited, it makes me feel proud. I wonder if this is what parents are supposed to feel, hmm. Either way, Janet is having a great time at her expense right now.

Moving on, Fortuna did join up with us and we did find the mine. I would rather call it a fortress for it was a hole in the mountain surrounded by a wall. I must say they truly value their iron! Upon reaching the wall though we were greeted by a young human boy, not the sentry I expected for such a fortification. He did let us in and explained that the men are all in the mine working. After some chatter with the women who were available to talk, we found that some form of rust monsters were the cause of the mines shortages. The workers had to work with clubs, to chase off the creatures when they came near.

Into the mine, we were directed to a man who would show us were the last attacks were. With most of our metal gear packed away, we felt ready to deal with these creatures. We went down a passage to a split in the path, feeling a bit insecure with how we were pointed down a passage without mention of a split, I left Babble at the intersection to keep an eye out for what may come from the other direction. We took the left passage and soon found the source of the mining shortages: Hobgoblins. Not quite the large vermin the party was prepared for.

Luckily I was able to take out the first batch; unluckily the brightness of my spells brought more. It was then that Babble told be that there were humans with clubs coming our way; at least we will have back up, I thought. I was able to see two groups of Hobgoblins coming after us from two new passages in the back of the cavern were we stood. The passage to my left brought me the most fear, for behind the approaching fighters stood a thin creature with a face full of tentacles. A Mind Flayer, I had only seen one once, it that one was dead. This one would soon prove itself quite alive.

I quickly cast a spell to blind that hallway and tried to deal with the other attackers until the humans came to help. I tried to tell my friends what was happening, but the heat of the ensuing battle did not help. The humans finally arrived and began attacking us. I admit, we were not organized for this. I knew the frozen winds I put in the one corridor would not hold the others back much longer I had to act quickly to help my friends who were not armed for this fight. At one point I let out an apology before casting in the direction of Janet and Fash.

The battle was fierce and I have to admit that I was impressed with Fash and his bow. Fortuna was taking on multiple foes as usual, and Janet was making do with a weapon she did not prefer. At one point the Mind Flayer was behind me and in control of Fash. The archer, Fash, launched a volley of arrows at me that should have killed me outright, but providence saved me once again and I was only wounded. Gritting in pain and needing to act before Fash could train his bow on me again, I made one last ditch effort in an all-or-nothing to kill the Mind Flayer ….. and I failed.

Soon I was awakened by Fortuna and the grips of the Mind Flayer still stung at my face. My little friend has saved me again. It is times like this when I wonder if I found her, or she found me. Either way, our lives have become dependent on each other, literally.

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