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December 6, 2007

Dead End

Fortuna's Journal

Reaping 14, 594 CY
Dwarven mines

We rested awhile, hoping that Elizair and Janet could regain some of their spent spells and were again attacked by the ant-scorpion things. I think they must be teleporting to us—for I swore there was only water behind us where one appeared. But, we were still able to defeat them each time they attacked, so we were feeling pretty hopeful that we’d also be able to vanquish them. We were brave, too. I personally found myself crawling through the smallest crevasses in caved-in walls, tumbling between the horrible creatures to jump up and stab them from behind, and was getting used to practically living under Munthrek’s arm, behind his shield, each time I got paralyzed by one of those scorpion tails. We even followed one creature into what was obviously meant to be an ambush, and we were victorious again. So, why did I flee in absolute terror when we found that partially immerged, tentacled thing—that cone-shaped monstrosity with eyestalks, that hive? I didn’t go alone either—Elizair, the bravest person I know, kept pace with me in spite of having lacking darkvision. Whether he had the presence of mind to tell Babble to stay with our companions, or was just too horror-stricken to say anything to the parrot, I don’t know. Halflings rarely run from a battle unless they are given very good reason to, so when we came to our senses and were about to go back, mere moments later, my stomach dropped still more when I saw Janet racing towards us, alone save for the bird. Our young human companion, in the single minute we’d left him alone, decided to attack the hive mother of the ant-scorpions single-handedly, and was pulled to a grisly death by the evil creature. Janet obeyed Munthrek’s last request—to run.

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