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July 9, 2005

Realizing Potential

Areon's Journal

Our journey through the Evermoors has been anything but uneventful, and I have had little time to set aside to write in this journal. Theona is keeping watch right now, and I decided I would write a little in my journal.

We cleared out the troll cave (or a least most of it) and found two caravan gaurds and a prisoner troll. We freed the troll (kind of) and after Deitricha remembered that she was just like any normal cleric and has a vast number of helpful spells, she arranged to be a translator for a few minutes every day. Rosorc headed back to Yartar with the caravan survivors and we headed north with the troll. I also managed to collect a very nice looking greatsword. I know it has a magical aura, and I am hoping that it turns out to be useful, if I can get it identified. I have been using it as a normal sword since then, in hopes that I might realize some of its potential.

We followed the troll’s direction to a fortress a few days northward in the Evermoors. We attempted to wander in, and were met with giant, ogre, and hobgoblin resistance, led by an ogre magi. Beowulf died in our first attempt to enter the fortress, and we were found by 4 Yartaran militia, one of whom is a human who bears an elven name (Ebin Starsliver). So far I think very little of him, as he seems to be looking for a fight and nothing else, nor does he seem to care about his own well being, let alone others.

We attempted to find a way into the fortress again, and were attacked by more of its defenders. We barely managed to suvive the rooftop battle, but we killed the defenders that had sent us packing the first time. Tyan blew a hole in the fortresses roof, revealing a hydra, which we also managed to kill (after the first battle). Ebin once again showed his amazing intellectual power by attacking the hydra head on with out support. After he was healed (by Deitricha, of course) we worked together and killed it.

We then found a giant sarcophagus (which we belive is a vampire, thanks to another of Deiticha’s many useful Divination spells). and while we tried to think of how we could open it while the sun was shining (on it) we were at a loss. when the sun began to set we decided (amazingly) that it would be a good idea to set up camp for the night.

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