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Ebin’s Bio

Ebin’s Journal ~PC Bios~

Ebin, image (c) Kristin Johnson

It was interesting for a human to grow up with elves. Ebin’s parents adventured with Aramil and Felosial Starsliver for several years until Ebin was born. Neither one of the foster parents talked about what happened and as Ebin grew he stopped asking. Ebin learned much from his elven parents, but like most humans, soon grew restless for adventures of his own. Joining the local militia was good for a while. It allowed him to learn how to defend himself and friends. He learned all he could until again he grew restless and yearned to see the world. Then he worked on a few caravans as a guard. It was a means of seeing new places, and meeting new people. However he would only sign up for one-way trips. He’d help get the caravan safely there, then collect his wages and join another caravan going someplace else. After a while this too got boring, so Ebin decided that a little freelance adventuring was a good idea. Being a sword for hire was nothing if not entertaining. At least until the last group he was with tried to kill him because he refused to be a part of a murder. The last Ebin saw of them was when he ducked out the back door of an inn almost 3 weeks southwest of where he is now.

Ebin had been in Yartar for about 3 days when the remains of a caravan showed up with a strange story of trolls, a druid and a dwarf with a bag of snakes. Ebin immediately gathered his things and was going to go out to investigate when someone in the inn mentioned it would be safer to go in a group. Counting Ebin there were 4 going, but not till morning. Although Ebin was anxious to go he decided that help would be best and, as patiently as he could, Ebin waited for morning. It took almost half a day to find the wreckage of the caravan, and the trail left behind was extremely obvious. After 2 days of following the trail it was obvious that there was more going on here than just caravan raiders.

Character sheet: Ebin Starsliver [Human Fighter]

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