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April 7, 2003

Still Here

Jonathan's Journal

Well, we went back into the fortress again today. Ghelt wanted to go down immediately to check the armory, I suggested we go up and clear out the area first. We found steps going up, so we went up. After some searching I got the impression that clearing an area only works for solid enemies. I also noticed an interesting thing about one area of the top floor. The outside of the fortress is squarish in shape, but we seemed to be missing a 10’ by 60’ room. When I pointed this out to Ghelt, she eventually found a secret door. We found some stairs going down. Korin went first, the Ghelt, then me, Drusilia and Fafnir got the rear.

We passed the first floor landing, and went down for what seemed like an eternity. Finally we reached the bottom, and at the end of a short corridor we found the Dwarven Hall of Heroes. There were 960 dwarves remembered in this room. I think Ghelt was crying a little. As we reached the other end of the room we found a large door. When Ghelt got near it her helmet began to glow, and the doors opened. So we traveled on. A short distance in, Korin stumbled a little, and the ceiling began to fall. Ghelt fell, so Korin and I half carried her to safety, Drusilia and Fafnir seemed okay, so we traveled on. Not that we had much of a choice at this point, the way back was blocked permanently, and staying put would only get us killed.

After a short walk, we found another staircase going down, so we went down. We came to an open room, a hall on either side, and a chasm in front of us with a broken bridge. We found some magic items, and searched the other rooms. There is a permanent reenactment of how the fortress fell with the ghosts on the other end of the chasm. It was sad really. While trying to find a way across, these strange heads with wings attacked us. Suddenly I couldn’t move. Then I felt very cold.

When I came to the things were gone, and Ghelt thought she was going to turn into one. We tried to comfort her, but no luck. We rested for the night, and Drusilia tried to heal us, but I still seem to have this cough that set in during the night. Korin is now wearing Dwarven Plate mail, and boots, all magical. I’m now wearing that amulet, it seems to be some sort of protection. Now were moving on. Wish us luck, because if things keep up like this, we won’t be here for long.

Posted by Fred at 13:01 | Jonathan’s Journal