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April 4, 2003


Jonathan's Journal

The day started out good enough. We traveled cross country for a while, and found an overgrown cobblestone road. After some debate, we turned right, which headed roughly north. We traveled for most of the day and when we saw a bridge in the distance I suggested we camp on this side for the night. My companions marched on, and so I went with. About half way across the bridge we heard sounds of combat in the distance. When we reached the battle we saw 2 dwarves, one had leprosy. They told us they were on a quest, and were attacked by an Ettin which took some of their companions. We followed its trail to a cave, and fought it.

Ghelt and I almost died and I felt a little weaker after the battle. Then I noticed Korin wasn’t with us. While searching the cave, 2 creatures came out of a crevice in the cave wall. The told us they’d give us 1000 gp each if we let them live. But before we could really talk to them Korin ran in and shot them. He told us that the dwarves changed into those creatures, and attacked him. Then he came to warn us. That was nice of him.

We camped at the mouth of the cave for the night. The next day we traveled the road again, and came to where it split. We took the left path and found an old dwarven fortress. We entered and while searching, were attacked by shadowy figures. I was hit and felt so weak, I couldn’t carry my equipment. We finally escaped, and Drusilia was able to restore some of my strength. Enough so that I could at least shoot some of the figures that attacked us during the night. I’m still weak and I hope we rest long enough to restore all of my strength.

Posted by Fred at 14:23 | Jonathan’s Journal