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February 16, 2003

Day 6

Ghelt's Journal

Dearest Grun,

Well, we had a quiet night at the former slaves’ camp. They gave us all the information they had; namely, the way to the witch lord’s home. They used to drag loads of iron ore there, so the road was easy to follow (more large, ugly totem poles helped, too).

We found a village of about 50 huts, with a watchtower in the middle. As we discussed possible ways to attack, Korin, the new halfling, began to walk right on in. Obviously, he wouldn’t understand how our lack of proper planning ended in disaster at the mine, but it was still a very frustrating moment — because Trap went after him, and Trap ought to know!

I followed them, within distance of a crossbow shot, but I didn’t try to catch up. I was afraid of what I’d say or do if I did. I didn’t ask Drusilia or Fafnir to follow; no need for them to get killed, too.

The halflings checked all of three huts on the way to the watchtower’s door. The huts seemed to be empty, and the halflings were more interested in getting the door open (more of a challenge than the leather flaps to the huts’ entrances, I guess), as they started prying at it with a crowbar rather than check the other huts. I stayed back, trying to watch everything at once, and saw that Drusilia and Fafnir were working on checking the other huts instead, thank Moradin.

Meanwhile, after no luck prying, and no sign of a lock to pick, the halflings wanted me to come and work on the door. I refused — waiting for the all clear on the rest of the huts. Korin started hollering instead — like I couldn’t understand their waving! Frustrated, I admit I did sight in on him with my crossbow.. for heavens’ sake, why wasn’t he more worried that there was no sign of life here, to be making so much noise?

Trap tied a rope to the bar and began flinging it upwards at the windows of the tower. This made a fair amount of noise.. as did the hollering and laughter when he managed to bash himself in the head. I guess that was enough noise for the place. The flap of the hut next to me was swept aside as a large, undead orc came shuffling into the light. Ugh! And many more appeared at the same time. So much for getting to check on the huts..

I shot off a bolt and managed to miss, then pulled out Mother’s holy symbol. I called on Moradin to no avail, and pulled out my axe. That, of course, always works well! Drusilia turned many orcs away, as I fought off several more. Fafnir and Trap were shooting them from the steps of the tower, and suddenly Korin was fighting at my side. He isn’t bad.. I just wish he were more sensible of danger before!

Fafnir, unexpectedly, grabbed the rope, swallowed something, and began to climb right up the wall! I knew he’d been working on some potions, and got my first look at how useful they could be. Meanwhile, the undead orcs continued to arrive — there were too many to fight, so I was really hoping Fafnir found a safe place in the tower! There were so many, in fact, that I was inspired to try to turn them away again — and this time, it worked! It gave us enough space to make a run for the tower steps; a good thing, as I had to drag poor Korin - he’d taken one too many hits.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I was forced to turn and fight again. Trap came down and dragged Korin up the stairs, and Drusilia began to climb the rope (so Fafnir was successful, and upstairs was better off than here!). I turned the zombies away one more time, and gained just enough time to start climbing the rope with Trap close behind. The zombies thumped against the door below, but had no more success at getting in than our halflings before..

The roof was empty except for some broken down equipment, and a trap door in the middle. Trap opened this and entered, while Korin decided to get back at the zombies by lighting the old balista on fire and pushing it onto the undead below. I really didn’t get it, so I climbed down the ladder and left him to his own devices for the time being.

We found some old unused rooms and bedrooms, which Trap just had to search. I took a quick look around and decided to check out the staircase. It didn’t make sense to me, to search bedrooms when the witch lord could be anywhere in the place, waiting for us! Korin appeared from nowhere and came with me. Again, I can’t figure out if he’s more of a benefit or a drawback! Maybe he doesn’t know yet, either.

We walked into a stench that proved to be a roomful of undead orcs, again. Of course we attacked, and the sounds of our fighting brought Drusilia and Fafnir to help, which made it easy to pick them off. We are back to the upstairs, resting a moment, and hopefully on our way to finish off the evil in this place.

If we can keep everyone (ie. the halflings) on the same page, that is..

With love;

Posted by Kate at 15:57 | Ghelt’s Journal