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Strange Day

Trap’s Journal

We started out all right, went down the trap door (after taking it off its hinges). At the bottom, there was a lot of crypts. The walls were lined with them. After searching a bit, we discovered that the newest one was dated 161 years ago. Talk about old. We followed a hall of them for a while, then came to a room with two different sets of stairs leading down. We took the one to the right because it stank really badly. (Group decision, not mine). We were then attacked by zombies. I noticed that all the crypts were open (yes a lot of them, lost count in the 300s). There were only 2 human zombies, and some rat zombies. After we dispatched them and looked around, we found 2 things of interest. 1: there was a cave in that the dwarf said looked intentional. 2: a still sealed tomb with a sun symbol that looks like it belongs to Pelor. I was all for breaking the seal, but was out voted. We then went back to the other room, and down the other stairs, and that’s when things got interesting.

We found a bronze door with Nerull’s symbol on it. After searching the door, I noticed a strange mechanism. I tried to disable it, but was unsuccessful. I fell into a pit trap much to the obvious delight of my companions (it was kind of funny though). There was a dead duergar dwarf stuck on some spikes so I searched his body for good stuff. I found a shiny axe (I was told it was made of mithral) a sling and bullets, and 11 gold coins. Not bad. Istus decided I was not to disarm the trap, so we improvised on our way across it.

We found an altar, and a statue of Nerull in this room, and when we got too close, we were attacked by skeletons. I’m not sure what happened then, I was fighting one then the next thing I know I’m handed an axe, and I hit Nerull’s statue. I promptly dropped the axe, and backed away. My companions finished that skeleton for me. They checked the rooms the undead came out of, and found nothing. We went down one of the 2 doors left. We found a torture chamber, more undead locked in cells, a bed room, and a ghoul in a secret room, I burned him to death, but lost my lantern. We then found 2 gold candlesticks, a femur bone with runes on it, a chest with 100 gold, 100 silver coins, and 3 gems. Here the spell casters needed rest, so we’re holding up for now. We have a couple of loose ends to finish up, I just hope I didn’t lose my job, I forgot to tell my boss I was going to be gone for a couple of days.

Posted by Fred on December 2, 2002, 13:58 | Trap’s Journal