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Day 08 Our heroes rest and recover for two weeks in Carrion Hill. After recovering from various wounds and psychological damage, they make plans to visit the nearby swamps where the local (and deceased) druid lived. Carmilla writes to their professor friend Henri, and learn that the silver lantern left in his care had been stolen again. Also, after talking to a priest in the temple of Pharasma, they learn that Haven is the son of Phalen.
Day 09 The party stocked up on supplies for trip into swamps and departed from Carrion Hill. They encountered very few living creatures and camped near a very dead tree. Somehow, during the night, the ranger and his animal companion were killed, or at least, the skeletons found in the morning indicated something had come up from the ground and dissolved them, with only the sturdiest equipment surviving.

Later, our heroes arrive at the shack belonging to the druid, and see lights inside, but no actual sign of life... inside. Outside, they are attacked by a shambling mound, nearly killing the bard.

The party went inside the hut, finding a few useful items, including some books. After some reading, they discovered that there was a "lost" village a day's travel away.
Day 10 After a rough night of listening to the whispers in the trees, the party travels out of the swamp to the plains via an old road to the village of Cottering, lost some 95 years ago. They find it in a clearing in the woods. The area feels unnatural, and they realize there's no sounds of forest animals. The remains of old stone structures surround a stone well....

The bard notices something shiny by the well-- a silver amulet. She opens it to discover pictures of herself and an unknown man. The smith's mark is that of an old elven silversmith. The group continues through the ruins of the town, including the Harpy's Nest inn, behind which they find a skull (and later, the rest of the body). The bard convinces it to speak one last time. It utters "Watch the walls." The heroes find what appears to be the mayor's house and find another skeleton, many partially burned books, and more questions about what happened to Cottering.

Before night falls, the group visits a tower at the edge of town. They find a room on the top level that had manacles and a few magic items in a well-hidden safe.
Day 11 Cottering has a pall of dread that increases at night. The party elects to sleep on top of the tower so that they can keep an eye on more of the town. The Wizard provides a rope trick where they can safely watch without the creepy feeling while watching a large swath of the village.

During the night, the group watches (but thankfully can't hear) the "people" of Cottering emerge from the buildings: they are all shadows. They move between the town well and move in and out of the other buildings. When the wizard's shelter ends an hour or so before dawn, the party is not bothered by the shadows even though the feeling of dread returns. They can hear whispers rising up from the town though. The bard recognizes the "prayers" in Aklo to a "Nameless King."

The shadows are gone by sunrise, and our heroes descend from the tower to investigate further. They find trapdoors in debris in several buildings.

Soon, the party discovers an intricate web of tunnels underneath Cottering. Our heroes eventually stumble into a room in which tattered yellow robes line one wall. The bard notices a symbol on one that indicates these belong to the cult of the Yellow King. There is a muffled shriek from the cavern next to the one half the party is in. The heroes quickly reunite to fight off two shadows. Weakened, the party quickly (and less carefully) begins a desperate search to find a way through the tunnels under Cottering, while keeping ahead of any further ambushes by the shadows they are sure lurk there. They pass through rooms with altars and statues, and many walls with murals depicting cities on lakes....
Day 12 Our heroes continued to search the tunnels and rooms under Cottering. When they realized they needed to rest, and were concerned the shadows would find them, they parked themselves in a "rope trick" in the corner of a large room with a stone archway in it. Shadows swarmed out of it and passed their resting place. After a few hours, the party decided to examine it and could see what appeared to be a colorless landscape within. The wizard noticed a symbol and the party recalled seeing it in Carrion Hill. The heroes felt an urge to go through the portal while the shadows were out, and found themselves in a colorless Cottering. After talking to a few townsfolk, they determined that this Cottering was the "lost" one from 4621 AR; 95 years from the Cottering on the other side of the portal. They did learn that Crove had been seen recently and planned to follow him to the Waitley farm.

Later the party searched the Waitley farm and found that something unspeakable had recently been in residence, and they discovered a cracked altar on the hill above the farm. They immediately turned back to get to Cottering. Upon arriving, they discovered there was no one there. So, they checked the tunnels below the town. Black ichor was smeared in the passages, and they encountered more shadows....
Day 13 The party walked out of "old" Cottering and through the portal. They arrived in a green forest (yes!) and walked for seven hours. Our heroes finally realized they were passing the same landmarks over and over without ever seeing any signs of civilization. After stopping for the night to camp in the wilderness, they woke up to find themselves at the edge of modern Cottering. Still a ghost town. After briefly exploring in and around the town, they descended to the tunnels, eventually finding their original portal to old Cottering. It was not active, and, unfortunately, they found the chaos beast waiting....