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January 21, 2006

Alexander's Bio

~PC Bios~

As a young boy, Alexander yearned for knowledge. He would spend hours at different libraries reading everything he could about a variety of different topics. Some things like magic interested him more than others, but to everyone’s surprise, he never developed the talent to cast spells. Both his parents were wizards and even his younger sister could cast certain spells at will. Alexander, however, was never able to even cast the simplest of arcane spells. It was at his 16th birthday that he went to see some clerics of Bobcob. After hours of discussion, and some debating, it was mentioned that he might try to become a cleric. For Alexander there couldn’t have been a better option, and his training began.

A few days ago Alexander left his mentors and went off on his own to search for Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom. These three thing are above all else in his life. So with the blessings of his family and friends he bought a ticket on the first ship that had a spare room. Unfortunately, it was on a doomed boat.

Alexander, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Alexander Von Heilenmen [Human Cleric of Boccob]

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