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January 6, 2006

House Rules

~PC Creation & House Rules~

Hugh’s recovered from our last campaign, but he’s quite thoroughly done with Eberron. So as not to penalize the party for their efforts, he’s starting us with a new group at 3rd level (32 point buy) and full starting gold for a character of that level (2700 gp). Books to be used are Greyhawk campaign setting stuff— the 3.5 “brown books” for the most part:

PHB 3.5
DMG 3.5
Greyhawk Gazetteer
Complete Arcane/Adventurer/Divine/Warrior
Races of Stone/Wild/Destiny

Materials from other WotC 3.5 books may be used on a case-by-case basis (not from other worlds such as Eberron or Forgotten Realms!).
Some Dragon Magazine articles, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Character sheets will be in PCGen format (give your changes to Kristin so she can add them to the DMís roster) or elsewhere on this server so that the DM has access to them as needed. Journals will not be needed for this campaign, though Kristin will set them up for you if you wish to write them. A good character bio should be given to Hugh prior to the campaign.

Your character can be from anywhere in Greyhawk (no evil characters). Immediately prior to our campaign, your PC leaves a seaport in Nyrond, on a ship sailing to Gryrax (capital city) in the Principality of Ulek. The PCs have just met during this long sea voyage.

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Monster Roster

Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps

Uncharted Desert Isle

  • 4 stirges
  • 1 raiment
  • 16 zombies
  • 6 troglodytes

    Cave and cove

  • 6 small monstrous crabs
  • 4 zombies
  • 1 carrion crawler
  • 2 ettercaps
  • 3 medium monstrous spiders

    Uncharted Desert Isle

  • 6 troglodytes

    Plateau and ruins

  • 2 spider swarms
  • 4 medium monstrous spiders
  • 1 large monstrous spider
  • 1 huge monstrous spider

    Troglodyte lair

  • 1 troglodyte (knocked out only)

    Uncharted Desert Isle
    Chuul (wiped out party)

          Creature Types:

          • aberration
          • animal and beast
          • construct
          • dragon
          • elemental
          • fey
          • giant
          • humanoid
          • magical beast
          • monstrous humanoid
          • ooze
          • outsider
          • plant
          • undead
          • vermin

  • Loot

    Adventures, DM's Notes & Maps

    Uncharted Desert Isle
    Telescope, Triaa
    Masterwork Scimitar, Morwenna
    Journal of Mirval Kojar, Dora

    Cave and cove
    400 gold pieces
    200 silver pieces
    2 amethysts (130 gp each)
    2 potions of cure light wounds, Triaa
    1 potion of invisibility, Dora

    Plateau and Ruins
    12 silver pieces
    20 copper pieces
    Adamantine “diamond”

    *stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
    **stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....