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Morwenna’s Bio

~PC Bios~

Morwenna Thistlewood was taken at a young age by the local Temple of Yondalla to train as a cleric. Part of her training involved an extended excursion via wagon traveling back roads and exploring other communities before returning to the halfling community in Radigast City. On the trip however, the group encountered a quasit that the clerics could not turn; fortunately a paladin that rode with the caravan smote it. At that point, Morwenna realized that she wanted to serve Yondalla in that capacity, protecting halflings and other good races from threats from outside, rather than looking inwards to care for the community as the clerics she rode with tended to do. Her family is quite proud of her decision, even though it means she’s often away from home for lengthy periods.

Morwenna recently left the Temple of Yondalla in Radigast City on a trip to visit a smaller one in Ulek, and has elected to go via ship rather than caravan, as she has never traveled by ship before. She has the distinct impression that the vessel is not headed in the right direction.

Morwenna, image (c) Kristin Johnson

Character sheet: Morwenna Glynese Thistlewood [Halfling Paladin of Yondalla]

Posted by Kristin on January 7, 2006, 12:12 | ~PC Bios~