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October 19, 2006


Roywyn's Journal

Kythorn 5, Waterdeep

I had to talk Seren into buying some things for herself in the market place— I think I convinced her that the items she eventually bought would help anyone traveling with her. We found her a nice holy symbol that is supposed to be scarier to undead and a little silver figurine of a raven— that actually can turn into a raven. We also finally got the items we found identified (since when I tried to identify them, I got a bat familiar instead). I’m wearing a ring with powerful protection magic on it, and she’s carrying a largish dagger that is supposed to provide her with good fortune (I could have told her that much— it has Tymora’s symbol on it!). Seren tried to get the raven to find Flin, but of course, all halflings looked alike to the raven, so no luck there.

We eventually wandered back to the tavern and found Soveliss. A few bards were having a “lute off” but I didn’t feel like joining them (even though I’m sure I’d have won easily). Seren, her raven, and Pratt decided to sit in the rafters after a bit, so I spent my time practicing my listening-to-other-peoples’-conversations skills. I heard a lot:

  • The city’s navy is out on maneuvers for a mock battle.
  • There’s been a rash of “lower-class” human disappearances in the Dock Ward, between Net and Fish streets.
  • There are rumors of an underground war in the Dock Ward.
  • Gang violence is on the rise, and it’s been more organized than it used to be.
  • There was a recent competition in Undermountain. The group that won got a lucrative contract with a caravan. Three other groups (of those that made it out of Undermountain, that is) also got similar caravan contracts, though none of them have ever returned from those duties.
Flin eventually returned from wherever it was that he went, ate quite a bit (Soveliss was buying) and wandered off, presumably to sleep. I found a place to bathe, and then headed off to the room I was sharing with Seren.

After a night without any explosions, planeshifts, or other disasters, I met the group for breakfast and shared what I had overheard the night before. They seemed eager to check out the disappearances in the Dock Ward, even though none of us are human or really know any humans all that well. Soveliss decided he also wanted to look for a shop that catered to Those That Have Become Dragons. Seren has decided to flutter about spreading flower petals; I figured that would be a good time to practice listening to other people again. Flin did something in a shop— I could swear he traded a rock for a key with another halfling, but I was only half paying attention, and as I mentioned, it was with another halfling.

Now we are hiding in the Dock Ward. I think we are planning to either see someone disappear, or prevent it, or possibly try to get abducted. I’m a little unclear on the strategy behind it, but so far nothing bad has happened, at least!

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