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September 18, 2006

I grow weary of this tower

Kor'tac's Journal

Since entering this accursed tower I have been fighting toe to toe with vile creatures. The golem like thing took a long time to defeat. Then we found the cold room with the impy creatures and of course the fire elemental. All in all I have been near death almost since I came in this damned building. I can only thank Tempus for giving me the ability to fight these creatures and for allowing this Druid to have joined the party. If not for him I would have died a vile death. And I suppose most of if not all of the rest of the party would have followed me to the next world.

I have begun to worry for them greatly. If we are ever surrounded by a large group of fighters, I may not be able to keep them all alive. As of this far they have proven not to be close quarters fighters, and yet they have not proven to be great fighters from afar either. The little burnt butterfly girl is good with a bow, but a bow does not help if we get surounded. I must admit I am gaining respect for the Gnome and his spells though.

I am very tired and need some rest. I just hope that the others don’t try something foolish while we are in this state. I also hope the Druid doesn’t figure out that I have been wondering how his pet would taste, turned slow over a small fire, with a bit of seasoning an some potatos.

Posted by Jim at 13:12 | Kor’tac’s Journal