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May 15, 2006

Moving On

Eleioni's Journal

I took the first watch and mentioned that we should extinguish the light, so we donít attract any unwanted attention to ourselves. Much to my surprise my advice was followed, and I kept watch over my sleeping companions for the rest of the day and some of the night. I was getting a bit groggy when Flic came over and offered to keep watch so I could rest. Gratefully I agreed and fell asleep quickly.

When I awoke I was going to take watch again for much the same reason as before, I donít need light to see. Kanelyth was already there and seemed to be enjoying herself, so I donned my armor and started to clean my weapons. Partway through Kanelyth said something I didnít quite hear. I looked up just in time to see her get slammed against the archway by a huge club. Then this large hulking ogre comes in. By its lifeless eyes we figured it was already dead. I was going to charge it when Sanura said to wait a sec, so I pulled my bow and fired an arrow which did absolutely nothing. I admit Iím not as good with a bow as some others are, but it should have done some damage, after all it was a clean shot. Sanura tried to make the undead creature run from us as most clerics like to do, and she did a hell of an impressive job, however, this ogre didnít even seem to notice it.

Looking around I could tell we werenít having any real affect on this creature. Even Flicís spells or Shoshiroís abilities were causing little to no damage. So I did the only thing I could do, pulled my swords and attacked.

The next thing I knew Sanura was healing me. I figured she had run out of healing because I was still very badly wounded. We walked a few feet and came to a place where we could hole up and did just that. Unfortunately we didnít stay there long.

I guess they were restless because the left me there to go do a little exploring, after promising to return. I went back to cleaning and sharpening my weapons when I heard a large crash. Fearing the worst I ran to were the noise came from. Turns out they had toppled a statue after discovering that it moves. When they found gold in the base of the first statue they decided to topple another statue. So I helped and that was when Flic mentioned that we had company coming. Quickly we all ran back to the one room and quickly prevented the doors from opening. We all stood so quietly I could hear my heart beating. Whatever was out there attempted to open the door, but when it was unable to it moved on. We waited there for another hour or so before deciding to move on.

After traveling for a while we eventually came to this room. There is a lever in the middle of the floor and a shaft above it. It doesnít look good from my point of view, but you never know. Now we’re discussing our next move and whether or not we should pull the lever.

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